A Man is For Life, Not Just For Valentines Day*

Valentines day has been and gone for another year! I have never been a massive fan of the old "V Day", I don't think I fully understand nor get the true concept. Yes, it's to make an effort to your loved one to feel wanted and appreciated or what ever, but with 365 days in the year surely you should try and make the one person that you have decided is special enough you be "your one" feel loved every day?

So, with this post I have decided to do something a little different and put together a wish list 'for him' full of little treats that I know he would love!

It can't only be me that genuinely struggles to find skin care and other products for my other half when I decide to purchase him a little treat! Recently I have been introduced to The Grooming Clinic who are a Men only stockists of grooming and skin care - Christmas and Birthday's just got a whole lot easier! 

Anthony Head to Toe Survival Kit - £30.00 (worth £55.00)
This is a travelling must have for any man that may want a sneaky pamper night, be it away or at home! I know my partner would love this when he is working away and beginning to get tired, it would be the perfect pick me up! 

Perfect for any hair styling lovers out there!

It surely only isn't us ladies that love an eye Serum? 

I can imagine this been amazingly refreshing! 

What would your other half really appreciate as a gift?

Much Love,

Eden x

Winter Home Interior Wish List*

Is it just me or does it feel like winter is never going to come to an end? The cold days, the long nights, the misty air - I can't be the only one longing for spring

I have been making such an effort this winter to make our home as cosy as I can! I want our home to offer a real warm atmosphere where you can come in and forget all about the dull British weather! 
These are just a few pieces I have come across on my search that I am loving right now and I feel offer that warm homely feeling! 

For me, this is quite an out there piece but I just love it! 

Green Cotton Print Hand Woven Rug - £42.22 to £64.97 dependent on sizing
How gorgeous is this! I never like a loud rug, I like it blend into the room and this does just that - but without blending in too much!

If you want to see more pieces like these you have to check out the Eyes Of India website! They offer FREE delivery world wide on orders over $75 too! 

Okay, so I don't even know if this counts as "home-ware interior" but please, how gorgeous is it? I feel so old and grown up saying this but just imagine sitting around the dining room table; with this in the center full of yummy, warming casserole just waiting to be eaten! That is cold winter night perfection right there! 

Strawberry Mug - £7.00
How gorgeous is this little mug by one of my (and pretty much everyone else's) all time favorites, Cath Kidston? It is just waiting to be filled with yummy hot chocolate!
Go and have a look at Kings and Queens they really do have some amazing items stocked right now for your home! They offer UK mainland FREE delivery on orders over £100! 

What items in your home are you really loving right now?

Much Love,

Eden x 


Willow and Ivy is a company offering handcrafted accessories which are all lovingly made from within a Cheltenham home. All the accessories are created from either leather or suede and have a high-quality of finish.

I was kindly gifted two gorgeous bows from ‘Willow and Ivy’ in the ‘Bertie’ and ‘Nala’ Styles. Both bows have a super soft head band perfect for Harpers little head; it didn’t irritate her delicate skin in the slightest nor did I have any issues of it falling off! If you were purchasing the bows for an older child you could opt for a clip-on bow over the head band, this would be perfect to kept pesky fringes out of little eyes.

We chose the ‘Nala’ bow in a gorgeous natural brown colour. It seems to go with so much within Harpers wardrobe so it was the perfect choice for us!

We chose the pretty ‘Bertie’ bow in a hot pink colour! Harper isn’t a pink baby at all but I just love how it gives her more of a girlie edge – been asked if my gorgeous daughter is a boy gets old after a while!

You could easily tell that the products received from ‘Willow and Ivy’ had been made with such love and care. The leather gave them a real luxury feel and I love how Harper will be able to wear them through her childhood year! They’re products that she will really be able to grow with!

Head over to the Willow and Ivy website by CLICKING HERE
Follow them on Twitter by CLICKING HERE
or Follow them on Instagram by CLICKING HERE

What baby accessories are you loving this season?

Much Love

Eden x x 

January Beauty Wish List

With the cold weather coming in my skin is really paying for it. At this time of year I find that my skin has no glow about it and seems to resemble a dull shade of grey! This really effects my make up choices and I seem to go for the more natural look so I can TRY and keep my skin nice and hydrated. 

With this is mind here's my beauty wish list for January.

NARS Sheer Glow Foundation £31.00
Google claim that this is the number one best foundation for dry skin! 

Maybelline Fit Me! Concealer £5.99
Linked to the 'fair' shade

Benefit Soft & Natural Brows Kit £28.50
The set contains - 
Goof Proof Brow Pencil
Ready Set BROW
High Brow Pencil
Eyebrow Stencils
Stencil Holder
Tips & Tricks

There is such a colour choice in this range too! I am loving the browns!

What make up are you loving this new year?

Much Love

Eden x 

Where has 3 Months Gone?

Well yesterday our, not so little Harper was 3 months old! Seriously, where has the last 3 months gone. It is true what people say, time really does fly with a baby around. 

Firstly, I need to apologise for this been my first update of how our little precious lady is doing. I had all intentions of doing weekly updates but time really has flown by and now we are somehow at the 3 month mark!

2 Days Old               7 Weeks Old                 3 Months Old

3 months seems to be the biggest age milestone up to now. Finally, it means that she can have some drugs, well bar paracetamol, to help her pesky cold go! (YEEY!) It has been 4 weeks of her little self coughing, snotting and sicking - I will not be sorry to see the back of it!

We can now see Harper develop into her own little person! Her personality is starting to come through and it is fair to say that she is a very happy soul. She rarely cries, unless she is hungry (totally takes after her mummy there) she sleeps like a princess and really doesn't have many unhappy times at all. 
She has started to be able to sit, obviously propped up with many pillows, but she is getting stronger by the day - the wobbly head days are pretty much behind us now! She loves tummy time and I don't think rolling over will be very far away! 
Harper has been in her own room for a while and sleeps like a little angel, she goes to bed at 7 and rarely wakes through the night - well unless her pesky cough wakes her (like I say, the sooner it goes the better) – I do realise this makes her sound like the most perfect baby but she is seriously such a good girl!

Her best buddy is her Ewan the sheep, how he still has 2 ears and 4 legs I will never know, she yanks and yanks at the poor little fella!
She began teething about a month ago and hopefully her teeth will break through soon, as it seems to be really fighting to hold off making an appearance! I am sure her teething will get worse before it gets better but at least we are on the journey now – always a positive to a negative!

What do you think is the best age of your little one?

Much Love,
Eden x

2017: Come At Me

I can hardly believe that another year is over and OH EM GEE what a year! For me, it was the best year of my entire life so far! I can't wait for 2017 to start panning out, I have some big dreams and ideas for 2017 and I can't wait to make them all happen!

In this post I want to make a few pledges, a few blog related and a few personal related; then, at the end of the year I will see how I got on in making them happen ... so here goes.

First, my little space on the internet.

1 - I want my blog to grow I want to hit a steady 10,000 page views a month!

2 - I want a 10k combined social media following.

3 - This is my most important one, I want to stay consistent! No letting life or moments get in the way. I want to blog AT LEAST two blog posts made live a week.

Next, my pretty little life.

1- I want to find us our forever family home
this may take a little longer than a year but we will get there 

2 - I want to ride properly again.
to explain, my horse, odie has a nasty injury right now so I am just riding with friends here and there but I want to be out competing and taking on the world again! This one is very dependent on how she heals, but hey ... its still a dream!

3 - I want to visit new places and explore more


5 - Finally, be body confident again!

What are your goals for 2017?

Much Love,
Eden x x

Newborn Must Haves

Apart from the obvious that all the sites tell you to a purchase before your bundle of joy arrives; a car seat, a moses basket, a travel system push chair, a cellular blanket, a baby monitor etc ... We have found some things to be complete life savers since the new journey of parenting has gotten underway. 

Ewan the Dream Sheep
We bought Ewan off a whim when we saw him featured on another blog and oh my days, what a life send! He has a little red light which glows into the cot and plays 4 separate noises all of which really seem to settle our little lady to sleep each night! We play her the heart beat noise each night which helps her settle down for the night. 

Muslin Cloths
I got so many of these given to me when I was pregnant and I had no idea why, but trust me, once your little one is here it soon becomes obvious! They are life savers for sure, be it if you're breast or bottle feeding! Stock up now!

Sophie the Giraffe
You never know when teething will begin so Sophie is just perfect to have ready for just in case; she makes a great present too. Now, I don’t know why she is so popular but everyone I have ever spoke to raves about Sophie! She seems the perfect shape for little hands to hold and help sooth aching gums.

A Baby Carrier
If like us, you’re an active family a baby carrier is a must! We were lucky enough to be given one so that is what we have used up to now. My key bit of advice is to try before you buy! Ours doesn’t offer me as much back support as I would like especially as Harper gets bigger. Our local library holds events where you can try loads of different carriers before you buy; so it maybe worth seeing if you have something similar near to where you are too!

Angelcare Soft Touch Bath Support
This is a perfect helping hand to have at bath time especially if, like me or my partner, you generally do bath times alone. It is anti-slip and supports my little one perfectly. This isn't me saying put your baby in the bath, walk away and they will still be there when you return - that is just silly but it does free up your hands and keeps your precious one supported safely. 

Whats your must have for your little person?

Much Love

Eden x