Been Bed Bound - How Am I Surviving?

If you follow me on social media you may be aware of my recent accident that has unfortunately resulted in me been bed bound for around 4 -8 weeks! For you that know me, you will understand how much of a big deal this is!

I am that girl that can’t have a lazy day, that always must be on the move. I can’t even successfully watch a movie without doing something alongside it! I can recall a few times where I have stayed in bed all day, all of which I was very ill and slept the day away! So, as you can imagine the last few weeks have been my idea of absolute hell to say the least; added to that the fact I can no longer look after my daughter; let’s just say that times could be a little better right now for me.

I have put together my tips on surviving been bed bound, for the mentally active and easily bored.
Before I start I would like to say that this post isn’t me moaning in the slightest! I know that my accident could have been worse and that I am lucky! I am also grateful that I have fantastic people around me!

Get A Routine!

For me this was a big one; by structuring my day I could focus on something for a certain amount of time and it added some sort of normality into my situation. I didn’t focus on the time taken to do things too much as I don’t think clock watching would be advised. Remember to include the smaller things into this such as, getting a wash, brushing your teeth etc.

Find Something You Enjoy

This for me was quite easy. I have always liked to paint, hell I studied it through college and uni; since my life hit fully fledged adult mode I really struggle with having the time to switch off and just paint! I used this as the perfect opening to get back into it.
If you can’t think of anything why not start a new hobby, it’s the perfection time to learn something new! You could learn to speak a language, learn to draw, cross stitch, knit, write poems – absolutely anything your heart desires and YouTube is full of fantastic tutorials to help you out!

Invite Visitors Over

Even though I hated the idea of people coming round to just sit and look at me, I did try to invite plenty of people over.
Invite round those people round that you know will make you feel better, that won’t make you feel like you are something to stare at or pity. You both need and want those people that will tell you all the things you are longing to hear. The types of people that will take some strain off the person caring for you, that will paint your nails or do your hair, the type of person that generally just wants to help you feel better!  

Make Plans

I have tried make plans for when I am mobile again but at the current time I am slightly struggling since I don’t know my recovery time as it stands. With this in mind, it doesn’t mean that I can’t start to put somethings in place to look forward to. For me the big one is better back in the saddle, yes I may be a little crazy to the outside world but horses are generally in my blood.

What top tips can you think of?

Much Love,

Eden x

Mothers Day - A Cheapo Gift Guide

As a family we have never really been encouraged to celebrate mothers day. A home made card and a little gift maybe, but never a massive bouquet of flowers  or jewellery! I always feel like mother and fathers day isn’t all that dissimilar to valentines day; Why do we need a special day laid out to be able to tell our mums, our special lovable mums, that they are doing an amazing job? Can’t we just do that anyway!

This mothers day isn’t going to be that different for us, no breakfast in bed, no lunch in a nice local restaurant, no massive gift giving! Of course I will get my mum a card and a little something from Harper as a keepsake! - I aren't that insensitive.

Here’s my mothers day gift guide where you don’t need to break the bank and where your mum will really feel like an effort has been made.

A Sweet Treat
Bake a special mummy cake! A cake with all your mums favourite treats. If you aren’t that talented in the baking department why not take a short cute and buy an instant cake mix! I promise I won't tell 

Make a card.
Yes make it! Remember when you used to spend a whole day dedicated to card making in primary school? Well get your glue and glitter out and get your craft out! Trust me … she’ll love it!

DVD and Take Away Night
This is one that my mum would love! With the day to day madness that is my life to offer my mum one whole night, no phones, no distractions, but just us enjoying each others company with our favourite take away and a trashy movie – this would really make her day. Throw in some wine and sweet treats then it would be touching on a perfect mummy and daughter night.

If like so many families you live in separate parts of the country or even world, why not plan a trip! A trip where you can meet up with your mum and spend some quality time together! A camping trip in summer, a spa weekend, a day of walking around our gorgeous country side, a general visit or even just a Saturday shopping trip! Now, I know I said I don’t like to spend a lot on mothers day but with that in mind if it’s going to make my mum happy as a treat I really don’t mind.

If you aren’t wanting to spend lots of pennies this mothers day you really don’t need too. Trust me, your mum would be happy with just some old fashioned quality time! You could have some fun with it and make some little vouchers for her to cash in!

How do you celebrate mothers day?

Much Love,

Eden x

Breast Feeding ... My Journey

**Before I begin I would like to say this isn't me stating that breast is best and all babies should be breastfed! I stand by the belief of a happy baby is a fed baby be it breast, formula, tube or how ever that baby is needing to be fed.**

My breastfeeding journey, like so many I imagine, has been one of tears, tantrums, from both Mummy and Harper, excitement, joy and many smiles.

I decided whilst I was pregnant I wanted, if nature allowed, to breastfeed. Like labour, I had heard so many negative stories around breastfeeding, I decided that I would try my hardest for Harper to be just breastfed but I wouldn’t let myself, or others, put unnecessary pressure on me. I didn’t really decide how long I wanted to breastfeed for but if I could feed for 2 entire weeks I would be happy!

Once Harper was delivered I needed a few checks due to blood loss so Harper was passed to dad for her initial skin to skin. Once I was all in the clear Harper was put on my chest and from there my breastfeeding journey began. It did not come easy! To those who say it did, I am slightly jealous! We tried and failed and tried and failed but finally after many a midwife squeezed and manipulated my boobs into all sorts of shapes, Harper began to get the grip of it. I must say I found it easier to get her latched on when I didn’t have, what I felt were very judgemental eyes gazing down at me! When my partner and I were laid staring down at our new little bundle of joy I and the atmosphere was very peaceful, that’s when I found it the easiest! Even though I was blessed to have a normal and straight forward labour I was so tired; when she had her very first feed from me it was a feeling of complete bliss, painful bliss, but bliss all the same.

We continued the battle of breastfeeding and proved enough that we were ready to come home and so, that’s what we did. The first night or so, weren’t to bad. I believe it was the third or fourth night which pushed my want to breastfeed to the limit. Now, you are warned about this night. This is the night when emotions are high, hormones are crazy and your milk is just coming in. The truth be told, without my partner I wouldn’t have got through this night! He sat up with me, repeated all the advice he could remember and we got there, we made it through, after many tears and feelings of doubts we did it! I feel like getting over this night was our biggest hurdle to overcome.

I won’t go into day by day, or we will be here for ever, so I will make sure to keep it short.

The first 2-3 weeks are hard, I found painful nipples and emotions got the better of me some days but I kept going due to my amazing support system to who I owe the whole journey to, for without them I wouldn’t have made it this far. I rang and messaged them when ever I had doubt and they were AMAZING and kept me going!

At the 2-week mark I was struggling! I mean, really struggling! I felt that I wasn’t producing enough milk for this little baby who looked at me so longingly. I had to remind myself that my body was made to do this, I had to trust that it would do its job. I ended up going and purchasing some formula for just in case. I don’t know if it was some sort of conscious thing but after I did this I found everything so much more straight forward.

From about 3 weeks onwards my nipple pain eased and everything just started to click into place. I have always made A LOT of milk, so I have had to wear breast pads throughout but that isn’t the end of the world cause a lot is far better than not a lot.

I am saddened at just under 5 months my breastfeeding journey came to an end due to a horse-riding accident. With medical reasons and my own personal reasons – which I am sure I will shed some light in the future, my partner and I decided that it was time for Harper to go onto formula!
I have loved breastfeeding. Yes, it is so demanding and restricting at times but I must secretly admit I loved that Harper could only feed from me and I felt like this was our own private mummy baby time. Through all the hard and tough times, we got there and for that I am so proud of us both!

What was your highlight from breast feeding?

Much Love 


Harper - 4 Month Update

When people told me that time flies once a baby comes along, they really weren't lying! I can't believe that 4 months ago (or a little more as my blogging game isn’t really on point right now) our little lady entered our lives - 4 months that I have been a mummy, 4 months of constant learning; for us all!

I cannot believe how fast our little girl seems to pick up things! She is learning so much every day! I never realised how much someone can develop within just 4 months of life. Her facial expressions make me laugh so many times a day – even if her favourite seems to be frowning!

She can now roll over, even though some control wouldn’t go a miss! She does seem to struggle with the whole concept that she can go front to back and back again; but I am sure she will get there!

She attends water babies weekly and goes under the water with no fear at all! She finds the entire 30 minutes of swimming exhausting and is quite a moody mare when we get out; but on the flip side she has a solid 3 hour nap after!

She sits up in her little seat and currently, this is her favourite place to be. She loves to just sit and take in whatever is going on around her.

She likes to grab and eat EVERYTHING! I didn’t expect this stage to come so early but everything within her reach will now end up in her mouth!

It is now that time where I need to step up my mummy patrol, as I think it is fair

to say that up until this point our house hasn’t quite been baby proofed but little lady now has movement! Anything that can be grabbed and eaten has been moved and stored away included the dog toys! – I don’t think sucking on a kong is advised!

Much Love,

Eden x  

A Man is For Life, Not Just For Valentines Day*

Valentines day has been and gone for another year! I have never been a massive fan of the old "V Day", I don't think I fully understand nor get the true concept. Yes, it's to make an effort to your loved one to feel wanted and appreciated or what ever, but with 365 days in the year surely you should try and make the one person that you have decided is special enough you be "your one" feel loved every day?

So, with this post I have decided to do something a little different and put together a wish list 'for him' full of little treats that I know he would love!

It can't only be me that genuinely struggles to find skin care and other products for my other half when I decide to purchase him a little treat! Recently I have been introduced to The Grooming Clinic who are a Men only stockists of grooming and skin care - Christmas and Birthday's just got a whole lot easier! 

Anthony Head to Toe Survival Kit - £30.00 (worth £55.00)
This is a travelling must have for any man that may want a sneaky pamper night, be it away or at home! I know my partner would love this when he is working away and beginning to get tired, it would be the perfect pick me up! 

Perfect for any hair styling lovers out there!

It surely only isn't us ladies that love an eye Serum? 

I can imagine this been amazingly refreshing! 

What would your other half really appreciate as a gift?

Much Love,

Eden x

Winter Home Interior Wish List*

Is it just me or does it feel like winter is never going to come to an end? The cold days, the long nights, the misty air - I can't be the only one longing for spring

I have been making such an effort this winter to make our home as cosy as I can! I want our home to offer a real warm atmosphere where you can come in and forget all about the dull British weather! 
These are just a few pieces I have come across on my search that I am loving right now and I feel offer that warm homely feeling! 

For me, this is quite an out there piece but I just love it! 

Green Cotton Print Hand Woven Rug - £42.22 to £64.97 dependent on sizing
How gorgeous is this! I never like a loud rug, I like it blend into the room and this does just that - but without blending in too much!

If you want to see more pieces like these you have to check out the Eyes Of India website! They offer FREE delivery world wide on orders over $75 too! 

Okay, so I don't even know if this counts as "home-ware interior" but please, how gorgeous is it? I feel so old and grown up saying this but just imagine sitting around the dining room table; with this in the center full of yummy, warming casserole just waiting to be eaten! That is cold winter night perfection right there! 

Strawberry Mug - £7.00
How gorgeous is this little mug by one of my (and pretty much everyone else's) all time favorites, Cath Kidston? It is just waiting to be filled with yummy hot chocolate!
Go and have a look at Kings and Queens they really do have some amazing items stocked right now for your home! They offer UK mainland FREE delivery on orders over £100! 

What items in your home are you really loving right now?

Much Love,

Eden x 


Willow and Ivy is a company offering handcrafted accessories which are all lovingly made from within a Cheltenham home. All the accessories are created from either leather or suede and have a high-quality of finish.

I was kindly gifted two gorgeous bows from ‘Willow and Ivy’ in the ‘Bertie’ and ‘Nala’ Styles. Both bows have a super soft head band perfect for Harpers little head; it didn’t irritate her delicate skin in the slightest nor did I have any issues of it falling off! If you were purchasing the bows for an older child you could opt for a clip-on bow over the head band, this would be perfect to kept pesky fringes out of little eyes.

We chose the ‘Nala’ bow in a gorgeous natural brown colour. It seems to go with so much within Harpers wardrobe so it was the perfect choice for us!

We chose the pretty ‘Bertie’ bow in a hot pink colour! Harper isn’t a pink baby at all but I just love how it gives her more of a girlie edge – been asked if my gorgeous daughter is a boy gets old after a while!

You could easily tell that the products received from ‘Willow and Ivy’ had been made with such love and care. The leather gave them a real luxury feel and I love how Harper will be able to wear them through her childhood year! They’re products that she will really be able to grow with!

Head over to the Willow and Ivy website by CLICKING HERE
Follow them on Twitter by CLICKING HERE
or Follow them on Instagram by CLICKING HERE

What baby accessories are you loving this season?

Much Love

Eden x x