Chocolate Stirrers - Step By Step

I have made these to pair with some yummy hot chocolate as a Christmas present, for one of those people that are a night mare to buy for! They would be yummy to have with most hot drinks and perfect for a Christmas eve treat.

These are the easiest things I have made so far this Christmas!

What You Will Need

White Chocolate
Milk Chocolate 
Metal (I got 4 metal spoons for 30p from Asda)  or Wooden Spoons, lolly sticks - you could even cover candy canes! 
Glass Bowl x 2

Firstly, melt your chocolate in two separate bowls.

Once they have melted dip your spoons into your selected chocolate and allow to dry somewhere flat - I used a plate covered in grease proof paper. 

I chose to make 2 white chocolate spoons and 2 milk chocolate.

Once your spoons are covered you can decorated them how you wish! You could even cover them in cake decorations too!- Just be creative and have fun!
I chose to drizzle the opposite chocolate over my spoons. It's entirely up to you if you want to drizzle whilst the base layer of chocolate is still drying (this is what I did as I was in a slight rush to make these) or drizzle over after your base layer has dried.

You can have loads of fun with these - they are cheap, quick and easy to make!

Just as a quick idea - If you have any cake molds you could fill these with chocolate and make your very own little choccy treats that would also make great gifts, why not add popping candy?

Have Fun

Eden x 

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