DIY Glitter Manicure - Step by Step

I love nail varnish,  I feel that even though it is slightly superficial to say, with pretty nails I feel so much better within myself and like I can take on anything (please don't judge me for saying that!) 

Today I was cleaning out the baking drawer in the kitchen and found loads of edible glitter that had gone past its sell by date. Instead of throwing it out I decided that I could add it to my crafting glitter collection! The glitter I found is quite powdered and thought it would be perfect for my nails but for this step by step you can use any glitter you wish - generally the bigger the glitter particles the more nail varnish you need to hold it in place; so it takes slightly longer to dry. 

To cover just your tips in glitter in a manicure style, paint your nails any base colour that you wish; be it blue, red, green or even multi coloured! (if wearing fake nails I always put mine on first before painting, bar the fully glittered nail/s). Allow your nails to dry before grabbing a clear nail varnish - my clear has all ran out so I used a pretty much clear nail varnish, that had a hint of glitter. Paint the tips with your clear nail varnish and dip into your glitter - it can get a little messy so you may want to put some newspaper down. Allow to dry and just brush off the excess- I used a spare brush that I had lying around. You can use any brush you wish, paint brush, blusher brush - any brush at all.
I did my full nail using the same technique - it can take some time to dry, hence allowing them to dry before applying. If your lucky enough to have beautiful natural nails you can apply the glitter straight on, just bare in mind to give them some time to dry.

Remember to have as much fun as you can with it! If it goes wrong just remove with your every day nail varnish remover and try again! 

Let me know how you get on.

Eden x 

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