Eslor, Firming Collagen Day Cream - Review

I could rant and rave about this product all day long - I simply love it! 

I received the trail size, pictured above, within my December Birch Box. I was so excited to give it a try.

I have been trying to find a day cream that gives my skin a silk like feel and doesn't react with my foundation and makeup. I believe I may of found it within this product.

I try and put on face creams and other products of this nature about 5 minutes before I do my make up. This might be make believe in my head, but I feel like it gives them time to start going into my skin. Once you have applied this day cream you can feel the change in your skin. I found the below extract on the Birch Box website and can't agree more with what is stated.

'Hydrolyzed marine collagen absorbs quickly to lock in moisture and restore elasticity. Plant-derived ingredients including aloe vera gel, sesame oil, and avocado butter soothe and nourish skin.' -

If you get chance give this product a try. It is a little pricier than what I would spend on a day cream, priced at £50, yet I feel it is worth it. They also have some other products on the Birch Box UK website which I would be tempted by after falling in love with this on. 

Eden x 

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