Eyeko London, Fat Eye Stick, Smoke - Review

In my December Birch Box (Click Here to visit Birch Box UK) I was thrilled to see a full size Eyeko London, Eye Stick in Smoke. I love this colour in most things as its so handy for both daily make up looks and the more 'look at me' night time looks.

I used it firstly for this smokey eye look, I used it on my outer eye lid and my crease, then I blended to wards the inner eye lid into a lighter colour, in this case a light gold. I found that it very easy to apply and it blended really well.

Normally I find when you apply this type of product above eye shadow it can either go wrong super easily or the application can be a little tricky and you don't get the desired effect. This isn't the case with this - it reminded me of a cream eye shadow to both apply and blend.

I will be certainly using this product until it has no life left. 

To check out the full range by Eyeko London CLICK HERE

Eden x 


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    1. I was honestly surprised by it! I normally find this type of product hard to apply, this just goes on and blends in! I was a very happy Birch Boxer when I tried this!

      Sorry if you got 2 replies, I tried to reply from the Blogger App but I can't seem to find my reply anywhere, hence try 2 :) xxx

    2. I apologise for deleting your comment - I was on my phone and removed it in error! :( SORRY

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