How to Make Your Own Christmas Candles! - Step by Step

Following high demand here is my step by step of how to make your very own Christmas candles.


What you will need ... (Click to see where I bought mine) 

Soy Wax - I paid £10 for 1kg (this made all the candles shown)

Candle Wicks - I paid £2.90 for 50, 10 cm long wicks.

Wax dye - I paid £1.89 for 10 grams (this is what you will use to colour your candles)

Fragrance Oils - I paid £6.41 for 30 ml (this was far more than needed to make the shown candles)

You will also need pens/pencils/sticks (this will keep your wick up right whilst your glue dries, craft glue/glue gun/another candle (this will be used to stick your wicks into place), a pan, a glass jug/bowl or a metal bowl and finally, anything that you wish to make into a candle. This can be anything at all just nothing that will set aight as your candle burns.

Take what you want to be a candle (I used glass jars which mainly used to hold pasta sauces etc) and glue your wick into the bottom. 
Take a pan and fill it with water and bring to boil. 
Place inside the pan your jug/bowl with a small amount of soy wax. 

Stir the soy wax as it begins to melt. 
Add more soy wax as you require. 

Once your wax has melted you can add in your colour. 
I have done this on a trail and error basis so add in as much or as little wax dye as you require and stir. Keep stirring till the melted wax shows no lumps of dye (remember that your melted wax will change colour slightly as it dries so bare in this mind, mine went from a red to a pink)
When your wax is all melted add in your fragrance, again this is to your taste. I added in around 2 tea spoons. 

Once your happy pour carefully into your waiting jugs. 
Remember this wax is super hot so please take care!

Once you have poured your wax into the jugs prop up your wick using your pens.

Leave your candles to dry for around 4/5 hours - once there dry you can decorate and burn!!!! 

Any questions or queries please don't hesitate to ask. 

Eden x 

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