Nailene DIY Nails Review.

I saw these in Tesco this afternoon and they were on offer, so it would of been rude not to give them a try! I can't remember the price to the pound but they were just less than £6.00. 

I love it when I have my nails all made up but I never get the time to go to a salon to get them done professionally, so I am always on the look out for the perfect home DIY kit for anything to make me feel fabulous. 
The kit is pretty straight forward to use and on the reverse on the pack there is a handy step by step. 
The pack includes 200 seperate nails in different sizes, a nail file and glue. It all fits in the box supplied so everything is nice and neatly stored.

This pack, like I say, is really easy to use and didn't take to long until I had pretty, girly, nails - I finished mine with a baby pink nail varnish, 'Color Show' by Maybelline, New York and glitter nail effects 'colour clash' by Seventeen.

They feel like they are stuck on well and should hopefully last me a week or so. 

So far I am a happy Girl. 

Eden x 

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