NSPA Raspberry Shower and Bath Gel - Review

This product was never bought with the intention of reviewing, I am too impressed though not to share! 

Our house are huge bath lovers, it is always on the top of our shopping list to buy something scrummy for relaxing, hot baths. 
I saw this in Asda a few weeks ago and thought it smelt good, it was a nice price (I can't remember how much this product was but it defiantly was less that £10), so why not give it a try? It sat and sat until tonight when I finally thought I would put it in my bath! 
I poured it in whilst running the bath and it created so many bubbles that smelt just amazing! It has natural vitamins A, E & B5 which are good to your skin and will make your skin so soft! 
Check out there other products on http://www.nspa.co.uk/ 

Eden x 

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