Primark Home Ware BARGAIN - Love Love Love

I had to share this find with you as soon as I had discovered it.

I was in half a mind to keep this up until I had my after Christmas bargain spree so I could share with you an entire haul but with the concern that this may not be on the shelves that long here is my little Primark highlight of December!

My partner and I were on my way to my Grans for the first Christmas visit of 2014 and I had realised I had stupidly forgotten to pick up a festive jumper for a festive jumper meal which had been organised (amateur mistake, I know!)

So, with this in mind we had to run into town and chose between the left over jumpers which no one else wanted! - Both of our attempts were pretty lame, but the thought was there of course!

Anyway, I did find this throw randomly upon a shelf with a few cushions and candles. I do believe this is the festive home-ware section. Hartlepool's Primark is very small though so I aren't 100% sure this will be the case in most Primarks. 

Ok, so I am very obsessed with throws. I love nothing more that snuggling up in a fleecy throw and watching a rom com. 
This particular throw is made from 100% polyester and has a very soft, fleece like feel. The best part of this throw is the size - I think it is round about double size so perfect for movie nights! 
For just £10 - you really can't grumble. 
They had this grey/blue tartan, along with a lighter red and darker red tartan.

Honestly,  I think this maybe the best home-ware type thing I have bought this year! 

Have a lovely Monday. 

Eden x

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