All About Epsom Salts. Episode 2 - Homemade Lemon Body Scrub

Yet again, the versatility of Epsom Salts have amazed me; I really cannot wait to give this a try! It is a simple and easy recipe to follow that uses ingredients that you may already have around the house. The real beauty of this recipe is that it can be customised however you wish, according to your own individual needs and likes. You can use it plain or add in various herbs for their different benefits, such as lavender for relaxation, rosemary to energize and invigorate you, or thyme, for its antibacterial properties.

Why Epsom Salt

Epsom salt is an incredible skin care product, its highly accessible and affordable, along with been super versatile. It is a natural mineral and a great source of magnesium sulfide. It naturally softens the skin, removes dead cells and reduces inflammation. As well as been great for your skin it helps to relax and ease tired, aching muscles. 

What You Will Need 

1/2 a Cup + 2 Table Spoons - Epsom Salt - Coarse Salt Crystals can be used but they will lack the benefits of the magnesium sulfide. Epsom Salts would be the desired ingredient.(CLICK HERE to see where I purchased mine)
2 Table Spoons - Olive Oil
1 Whole - Lemon or a Lime 
Herbs (optional)

In a bowl combine your Epsom Salts along with your Olive Oil. 
Note: You can adjust the amount of oil added depending on how coarse you wish your scrub to be.

Squeeze in your fresh lemon or lime and stir together. 

If you are wanting to add herbs, cover the top of your mixture with a sprinkling of herbs and stir into the mixture.

Place your homemade body scrub into a jar with a tight fitting lid - an old glass pasta sauce jar would be perfect! Use once a week for smooth, glowing skin! You can scrub it onto your skin dry, or in the shower. After you have rubbed it into your skin, rinse of with warm water. 


Eden x 


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