Dieting: 10 Low Calorie Shop Bought Treats and Snacks

  1. Special K, Biscuit Moments, Chocolate.
    These are my favorite low calorie snack! They feel naughty but for less than 100 calories, in my eyes, they're a key find! With 2 separate bars per packet it really gives you that nice, chocolaty feeling. If you love chocolate you have to give these a try.Calories - 98
  2. Special K. Cereal Bars, Double Milk Chocolate.
    These are a really good breakfast on the go, I have been having one of these with a banana when I simply run out of time on a morning. They are really yummy but not the most filling so I wouldn't recommend having one of these alone for breakfast.
    Calories - 80
  3. Weight Watchers, Jaffa Cake Bars.
    I was umming and arhhing when I bought these, after hearing mixed reviews of the Weight Watchers snacks I was unsure if I would enjoy them! I must say, I am converted! They are so scrumming and I will definitely be keeping my eye out for more snacks from Weight Watchers.
    Calories - 75
  4. Light Benefit (Aldi), Chocolate and Fudge.
    These are another type of breakfast bars that I will use when I am rushing on a morning. I am yet to try them but I think they will be super yummy as I love breakfast bars and with the added chocolate and fudge - what more does a girl want!
    Calories - 70
  5. Weight Watchers, Caramel Wafers.
    These are a great treat for a packed lunch or to pair with a nice, warm, cup of tea! I haven't tried these as my other half LOVES them! He says 'there isn't that much chocolate on them but they are really nice and just hit that spot!' - If they get his thumbs up  they are certainly worth a go!
    Calories -78
  6. Golden Wonder, Ringos, Cheese and Onion.
    These are the one of the nicest crisps I have tried! They are so yummy and full of flavor! For you crisp lovers these are worth a try - I believe that they also do other flavors!
    Calories - 68
  7. Hartley's, 10 Calorie Jelly.
    You read it right! JUST 10 CALORIES! These come in such a range of flavors and are very yummy! You could also pair with some fruit to give it just a further tasty kick.
    Calories - 10
  8. Kallo Rice Cake Thins, Milk Chocolate and Caramel Pieces.
    I am yet to try these but they have been recommended to me by a fellow Twitter follower (@Rebeccaa_Clarke) unfortunately I can't find them in my local Tesco! I will continue to keep my eye out for them! I thought they sounded just to scrumptious not to share!
    Calories - 65
  9. Walkers, Quavers.
    These are so yummy! Most people, I would of thought, have already tried Quavers! You might not know this but they are quite low on calories! So a great dieting snack.
    Calories - 88
  10. Skips
    The classic, yummy, prawn cocktail shells!
    Calories - 78
Whats your favorite low calorie snack?

Eden x

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