Dieting - My Tips for Keeping Yourself Motivated

If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram you will know that I am fully into my diet at the moment!I have been researching and testing some hints and tips that will keep me interested and motivated to do well! I am dieting for 12 weeks - as its a competition we do each year through work, so expect to see fitness related posts crop each throughout this time.

  1. Reward your self! Set yourself goals and make sure you put awards in place for when you reach these goals. It doesn't have to be big and costly, it needs to be just enough to keep you going. i.e. once I lose a stone I will treat myself to a beauty treatment.
  2. Low calorie snacks! These are a great way to feel like you have been a little bit naughty but without actually putting a dint into your diet. My current favorite is jelly! Each pot in the picture are less than 10 calories (the jelly crystals are from Aldi and the pots from Tesco)! Another thing I love are the Special K breakfast bars. Have a search in your local super market and you will be surprised how yummy some are!
  3. Treat yourself! Each week I find having a treat meal is a great way to keep the balance right. It must be a meal that you love and really look forward to, be it a takeaway or a great big portion of nachos; a one off meal will help to keep you on the right track! Remember to not feel guilty afterwards - you deserve it!
  4. Get your friends involved! Dieting and exercise doesn't need to be a chore! When you get your family, work colleges or friends involved it can become quite fun! You could do what my place does and organise a biggest loser competition or why not organise a walk with a friends a few times a week! Getting other people involved is a great way to keep each other motivated, when you feel low or like your ready to give up; these are the people that will help you get through. - if no one you know is wanting to diet, feel free to drop me a comment, a tweet or a insta-message and I will be happy to support you through the tougher times! 
  5. Be positive! This to me is what I struggle with most! When I am losing weight I seem to focus on my body shape and appearance more than ever! Try not to do this! Each time you look in the mirror try to notice the good instead of the bad and tell yourself them out loud; it maybe that your hair is looking really nice or that your skin is looking super clear, anything you notice that you like - let yourself know! 

If you have any great tips of how to stay motivated please let me know! It may not only help me, but others that read my blog too. 

Love Eden x 


  1. Live the idea of making jelly pots with fruit! i am definately going to make this, thank you for the inspiration x

    1. I think they would be really yummy with raspberry's too!

      I will share if we come up with any other fun, low calorie treats :) x x x

      (I thought I had replied but instead I just posted a comment!! ooops!! ... still getting used to this :P)