Dieting - My Top 5 Under 300 Calorie Meals

  1. Quorn Sausages, Onion Gravy, Frozen Peas and a Mini Yorkshire Pudding
    After discovering Quorn sausages this is one of my dieting favorite meals. It feels like a good, hearty meal but without having a mass of calories in. 
    Calories* - Around 300 
  2. Chicken Pesto Salad
    This is a long tested meal fave for me. After grilling some chicken add it to a yummy salad mix of your choice. Using just a teaspoon of Green Basil Pesto, add it to your salad. I have this for my lunch quite regularly at work. I mix up the chicken and salad before I go to bed and store in the fridge, then just before eating I add in my pesto (I have found if it you do it the night before or on the morning your salad gets soggy).
    Calories* - Around 300
  3. Spiced Potatoes with Seasoned Chicken
    Chop up one potato into small squares and put them into the oven, the ideal oil to use is Fry Light, if you have none to hand though a light sprinkling of normal oil is absolutely fine. Add this to the potatoes and then pop into the oven (I normally cook around 200 degrees for 30 mins - This is just a guess as I check on them regularly) When they are nearly ready you can really start to add in the flavors, my favorite combination to add is; fresh garlic, chilli, a pinch of salt, a sprinkle of pepper and Chinese 5 spice. Your chicken will be made in a similar way, you can either grill or oven cook your chicken. Add in your favorite spices and really have fun! I love the Schwartz Spanish spice at the moment (add this just moments before your chicken is cooked though, as it burns quite easily)
    Calories* - Around 300
  4. Homemade Pizza
    Using Warburtons Thins, split into two and pop into the toaster. Cover in tomato puree and add the toppings which you love! This is a regular within our house - we decorate ours with Schwartz Thyme, Cooked Ham (Tesco Cooked Ham, 28 calories per Slice), red onion and tinned pineapple. Before serving place under the grill to heat your toppings.
    Calories* - Around 150 (per thin)
  5. Stuffed Potatoes
    This is a twist on your regular jacket potatoes. Get a potato and cut in half - your going to eat half the potato and serve with heap of yummy, fresh salad. Stuff the potatoes with yummy, flavorful food. I generally have, spiced chicken, peppers, a teaspoon of salsa and a tablespoon of rice. I love to throw on (if I have room, some peas and sweetcorn to!) This is a fun meal that you can make into a little competition with who ever you live with! Both take half the potato and come up with ways of how to make yours super tasty! (If you don't like/want potatoes, you could use a pepper)
    Calories* - 300

Let me know if you have any fun, low calorie ideas!

Eden x 

*Calories stated were a guesstimate and does depend highly on portion size.


  1. Going to try some of these this week, need to get my healthy eating back in full swing! Thank you xx

    1. No worries at all! Let me know if you find any fun diet foods! It's so hard at times to keep eating healthy interesting! x x