An Organised Me

I always find it odd how in my work life I swear by my calender, making lists and assigning myself daily tasks; I aim to be as organised as I can to ensure I never miss anything and my time is used effectively - this maybe jinxing the future but it seems to work well. Yet, in my personal life it is a different matter. Even though I try to make notes and plan ahead it tends to be on scrap paper that ends up at the bottom of my bag along with crumbled receipts and the odd bit of gum. Today, I decided enough is enough and I purchase a diary (it was £8 from the lovely Paperchase) My 2015 will be one of organisation.
If you follow me on Twitter @missedenmarkl you may of read that I will pledge to update my blog twice a week, once on a Wedensday and then on a Sunday - the odd week this may differ but I will try my hardest to stick to this. My Youtube Channel will be updated on a Friday only, so you can watch over the weekend - if you don't subscribe already please do so, I don't want you missing out! 

What do you use to help keep your self organised?

Eden x 


  1. I'm not the greatest with keeping oganised but I'm really trying this year by keeping a dairy sort of thing and ticking of the tasks I do that day

    Jessie | Taylor Mayed

    1. I am trying to treat my life outside of work and work its self the same around been organised! I am sick of forgetting things ha! We can do it heehee xx

  2. I'm trying to do exactly the same. Hope it works for you :-) xx