Give Yourself a Little More Love

Following a chat I had with the lovely Olivia (Twitter - @ _OliviaCheryl) on Twitter, it tweaked something in mind that my friends and I were talking about not so long ago! We were discussing how everyone, boy or girl, old or young, fat or thin, seems to never be happy in there own skin; it is said that as we get older and wiser we come to terms and accept who we are but I imagine that we aren't ever truly, 100% happy.

 I am so envious of the few people that are happy and confident in their own skin. To look in the mirror and loving the person staring back at you must be an amazing feeling.

This week, I have made a promise to myself that I will say the following lines to myself at least once, hopefully more! I am hoping it won't be to forced and that it develops into a natural, daily occurrence for me.
I think you, reading this now, should join me!
It can only do some good to make us all realise that we are in fact, beautiful!

I am Strong 

because I know my weaknesses

I am Beautiful 

because I am aware of my flaws

I am Fearless

because I learnt to recognise; illusion from real

I am Wise

because I learn from my mistakes

I am a Lover

because I have felt hate

I can Laugh

because I have known sadness

What do you do to help your confidence levels, especially on the bad days?

Eden x 


  1. Aww I love this! I love how positive your being! I will do this too!! <3 xx

    1. I am really going to try anyway!
      You should! We can do this x