Watch Wish List

I have never owned a watch before and recently I find myself trawling through websites browsing watches; I thought it made sense to share my discoveries. 

William May Daniel Wellington Classic Ladies St Andrews Rose Brown Leather Strap Watch £135.15

Topshop Olivia Burton Tan Watch 

Debenhams  White Mini Floral Dial Watch 

Michael Kors (House of Fraser)  Parker Rose Gold Ladies Bracelet Watch 
I feel like a watch would make me look a lot more mature and professional - I know this sounds silly but in my mind, I associate watches with professionals, I hope I aren't alone with this! I will one day soon be a proud owner of a watch - how exciting my adult life is.

Eden x 


  1. LOVE the Olivia Burton one! I know what you mean about looking professional, I had a tatty £12 tan one which was ruined but still wore it and then got a really nice one for Christmas which is so smart haha. Never gone back since!

    Hope you manage to get one!

    Tania x

    1. I love them all so much! I am a watch virgin so I have no idea which I will actually like to wear everyday; might have to treat myself to them all - I can dream :P X

  2. These are so nice, I especially love the top 2. I keep telling myself I need a watch but I know I'd forget to wear it haha.


    1. haha! I am the same! I will get one in 2015 I am sure heehee x