What I Would Tell My 13 Year Old Self

No one gets there teenage years right, it's all part of growing up; we have to live our life to ensure that we learn. If I went back 12 whole years ago, to when I was 13 - would I change much, properly not. Would I change some of the smaller mistakes made - possibly.

Don't Touch Your Eye Brows

Even though by the time your 25 you will have top eyebrow filling skills, you need to save up your pocket money and get them professionally shaped! It is not cool to make your eye brows as thin as possible nor make them shorter! - short wasn't cool then, nor is it now! I have no idea why I ever thought this.

The Cool Kids At School Aren't Actually Cool

Step back and look at who you call cool! Do they not do any work and skip class daily!? Make your own plan, knuckle down, and put your head deep into that book, give yourself the best chance you can when you leave school. I wasn't a goodie goodie in any way shape or form but luckily for me when I got to college I soon realised that I needed to get down to some serious work and I am happy to say that it has paid off. 
When I sit back now and think what I thought was cool - it is rather comical!  
The kids I thought were cool at school - 12 years on, I really pity. 

Short Skirts Don't Make You Look Classy 
- They just make you look trashy! 

When I see kids walking to school now with skirts so short that you can see there bum cheeks, all I want to do is get out of the car and cover them up! 
At school, I must say that we did try and push the limits with this, but in fairness there is a whole new meaning to short skirts around at the moment!

Look After Your Self 

Mousteriser, Face Masks, Cleansing - there all your friend. 
As soon as you get to that delicate age of 13/14 make sure that you look after your skin! Spots and blemishes are really not pretty! The older I am getting I am so glad my mum installed this into me from a young age - Thanks mum!

Stay With Those Natural Tones

Bright Blue Eye Shadow pasted on with no technique or no blending really does not look good! 
Incorrectly matched foundation that you stole from your mums make up bag and bronzer that you cake on to your cheeks are not your friend! Stick with a nice layer of mascara and even maybe some lip gloss! - if your mum says that you look like a clown, she's not trying to be difficult, the chances are you do!

Life is to Short

Take every opportunity given to you and grab it with both hands, run with your dreams and your visions.
This sounds so morbid, but we never know when our time will be up. I have been lucky in the fact that if I wanted to do something my parents would always support me, no matter how crazy the idea, trust me when I say I have had many a silly idea - most were ended with one of my parents saying 'I told you so' but I did it and I learnt some sort of lesson along the way. 
There has been opportunity's that if I was given them again and knowing what I know now, I would of leaped at the chance of but then I guess I maybe wouldn't be where I am today nor the person I have become.

Eden x 

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