A Moment With Molly - 9 Weeks Old

Hi Friends, 

Two weeks I have lived with my lovely human mummy. I love to adventure and discover new things, this seems to get me in some sticky situations though. The other day I found a fantastic tree in the garden, mum said it was brambles and to leave it be; I thought she said run into that tree and pull off the twigs silly me - I soon realised the twigs on this tree were not friendly, they prickled my mouth and made me sore! I do try and stay clear but when I get excited my sight goes fuzzy and it wishes me over! Note to self: Stay away from the bad tree.

I also got to go to a baby shower, even though I saw no babies been showered I got so many cuddles and treats off everyone! I was the center of attention all day long and it was the best! I ripped paper, ate peoples food that they kindly left around for me, chased bubbles, got a million kisses and cuddles and best of all a million belly scratches.

I learnt even more tricks this week which make mummy and daddy super happy when I do them; I get lots of cuddles and treats! I can sit (really well, I must say), lie down, heel and give my paw for a paw shake! Mum said I am super clever! I even get loads of attention for going to the toilet outside - cuddles and treats are so easy to get off the silly humans!

Catch up with you all next week.
Have a great week

Molly x 


  1. Oh isn't molly so sweet!! :') Poor her having a run in with the brambles! I really miss my dogs while being away at uni Gisforgingers xx

    1. She is such a silly puppy! She makes me laugh so many times each day! Aw no - I bet you do! :( get a MASSIVE doggy teddy and just snug it all day long x x