Air Wick Life Scents - Review*

I was  lucky enough to receive this product from the lovely people at Air Wick and even though when this product first arrived I wasn't that excited to try it - how silly I was.

 This duo-plug in has the capability for you to alter the strength of the scent. Mine is placed in the hall way of our house on the lowest setting and is constantly switched on. For this, the Air Wick Life Scents Duo Plug In is perfect! It gives out just the right amount of fragrance without getting lost in our home and without been to over powering. With this in mind, I do feel that if you wanted this is a smaller room, say a bed room, this scent could easily become over powering if constantly left on.
2 weeks into this product been in the hall way we have still so much product left! I imagine that it will last a good month or so!

Overall, I am so happy with this product and I will certainly keep my eye out for some refills! 

What do you love to have in your home to give it that warm, welcoming smell?
Eden x 

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