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Even though I am fairly new to the world of blogging I feel fortunate to of attended the events I have had chance to attend, met the wonderful and inspiring people I have had the chance to talk to and meet and to receive the beautiful and vast variety of gifts that I have received. I always seem to get asked the same questions over and over, hence how this post came about. I get asked these questions by friends, fellow bloggers or even brands. So here are my top 5 questions asked - hope this clears up some of your queries that you may have around bloggers and why we do, what we do.

Question 1, Why Do You Blog?
The simple and quite underwhelming answer is that I enjoy it. I think people get the idea that I blog for freebies or for event invites etc but this isn't the case. For me, if I didn't enjoy blogging I wouldn't do it.

Question 2, What do you enjoy about Blogging?
I enjoy two main factors within blogging, one being the network! The blogging network is SO BIG; I didn't even know that this existed until I began my blog. It is full of wonderful, genuine and interesting people. If blogging didn't exist, it is unlikely that I would of ever got to talk to and sometimes meet these amazing people. Secondly,  I love my blogging platform. It's my space to be me, I don't care who likes and doesn't like it, as at the end of the day, it is entirely mine and I love it.

Question 3, How do you get freebies?
When ever I get asked this question, obviously depending on the person. I feel a little annoyed. If someone blogs out of passion and just wants to know how to work with brands and PR company's then fine. If you are a new blogger and looking to work with brands my advice is just write your blog, get involved in the different networks and it will come. If you are a new blogger blogging just for freebies my advice to you is, don't bother.
Now, back to the original question. I feel the best way to get noticed by brands is to get involved with the networks. You can find networks through twitter chats, word of mouth and of course, invites. After speaking to a very well known brand at a recent event, company's do not appreciate emails, messages etc asking for free stuff. Build a conversation, introduce your self and if they feel that you can benefit you I am sure they will ask.

Question 4, How do you find out about events?
Mainly through twitter, if you get involved within the Blogging community you will find that you get invited or hear about different events. Unfortunately, for me most are held in London or down south. Within the North East, where I am based, we get only a handful, if that.
I have found that now I have been to a few I am getting emailed directly, I imagine this is the same for most bloggers once they are known to the event organisers.

Last one, Question 5, How do you start a Blog?
This could be a super long answer, but I will keep it short and sweet. I use as my platform. I find it simple and easy to use and it works through Google which is a plus for me! You get a free URL! You can buy your very own URL if you wish but these aren't free so you might be better waiting. Once you have your blog set up its time for social media, I use twitter just for blogging, and Instagram and Pinterest for both personal and blogging. Get stuck in, follow people, talk to people and you will soon find your way. Remember to ask questions - the blogging network is lush! Finally, enjoy it and have fun!

Eden x


  1. i love all your answers, i thin blogging is about finding your own voice, inspire the world and mostly enjoy it!
    The Color Palette

    1. I completely agree! I think there's too many people that just want to do it for freebies ... It boils me a little lol x

  2. Love this :)

    I think blogging is a great way to express yourself and form new friendships. If opportunities arise from this, then good on you!
    Takes effort to produce a quality post and it's nice to be appreciated :)

    Bex x