Health & Fitness - It's The Little Things

After pretty much completing the DW Fitness 40 Challenge, well hit or miss a few days if I am been honest, the key thing that I have learnt is that to get your life headed in a healthier way you don't need to invest masses of money or even time. The important factor is that you want to do it and you have that drive for when you feel like you can't really be bothered. 

Below are my top three tips to make your life just that little bit more active and start you heading in a healthier direction.

Challenge your self for 60 seconds a day
Be it Squats, Press ups, Planking - which is a personal favorite. Anything at all where your testing and pushing yourself out of your comfort zone. 
Even though 60 seconds doesn't sound allot you do see the benefits after even a short while. 

Take the smarter option
If you have an option of the stairs or the life - take the stairs
If you can park further away from the shops - do it 
It's the smaller things that add up 

Be creative 
Fancy your favorite pizza takeaway? Why not recreate your own? 
Want some chips with your meal? Why not make your own OR even better, try sweet potato fries?
Try and be creative with how you plan your meals. Make planning and cooking your meals fun and you will find, in time perhaps, that you will cook more and eat a wider variety of meals. 

Do you have any handy hints or tips for making your life style healthier?

Eden x


  1. So close to the finish line for the 40 Day Challenge, it's been brilliant hasn't it? It's really encouraged me to just get up and do a little something each day instead of every now and again. It's helped me develop much better fitness habits, that's for sure! I'll be lost when it's over!

    Sarah :)
    Saloca in Wonderland

    1. Heehee I know! I am going to try and find a similar plan online somewhere or maybe just start the 40 day challenge again ... I am so bad with having a healthy lifestyle! Eden x