#HillarysCrafternoon Newcastle

I always get excited when I get invited to events, I always feel like I must be doing something right in terms of my blog and it's content. When I read that an afternoon of crafting was in store I wasn't going to miss it! In my eyes you can't be a good crafting session.

The event was to be held in connection to the launch of Hillarys Blinds brand new fabrics! I believe one of the marketing team mentioned that there were over 200 launched! We worked with a small section of these fabrics and I must say, they were so beautiful (and great for making 3D birds with!) 

We were to make a a re-usable book cover, similar to the ones that you made within school- just allot more ascetically pleasing! Along with a 3D bird. Our sewing, cutting and imagine were put to the test but I am rather pleased with my result! 

Thank you to @The_crafty_hen @joesbloggers & @hillarysblinds for such a wonderful afternoon.

Eden x 


  1. That fabric looks gorgeous!


    1. There new collection is so pretty! and such good quality.