A Moment With Molly - My First Week

Hi new friends,

This week has been a manic old week. I moved out away from my doggy family and into my new home with my human mummy, shes really lovely and cuddle me lots, which I love but she  also tells  me off, normally when I am nibbling. I sad when I moved into my new home but I have been looked after well so that made it easier.

This week I have learnt loads of new things! I have to go outside to toilet, but that's ok, it means I get cuddles and yummy treats each time I do! I also do tricks - like those doggys you see on the talking box; I think the humans call it a tele. I now sit and heel and even give my paw! Each time I do something that the humans like I get treats and I love the treats so I try my hardest to get everything right! My favorite treats are obviously my flamingo, as shes lovely and makes a funny noise, I like to bring her everywhere with me! I love loads of kisses and cuddles and yummy sweeties too, my favorite are made especially for my new teeth.

Image for Puppy Teething Treats 50gm from Pets At Home
I also made lots of new friends this week, of course now your added to this list too! I went to a party where people were playing games and lots of paper was thrown on the floor which was so much fun I didn't know what to do with myself! I got loads of cuddles and kisses! I felt like a famous super star! I went into shops too where lots of strangers came and said hello to me in a range of weird and wonderful voice; I loved it though and said hello back to everyone.
Mummy said that I have to wait 3 weeks till I can make doggy friends, I aren't sure why I have to wait so long but I am so excited for this!

This week I discovered that I was scared of shadows and a odd looking, loud object which mummy named a hoover. She assured me it wasn't scary but trust me other doggy readers, I don't trust it so don't go near it! I think it's a human trick.

It was lovely to catch up with you all and I shall write soon.

Loads of licks and nibbles.

x x 


  1. Aw she's adorablre- my parents have just got a Springerdor puppy who is currently waiting impatiently to go for his first walk!

    Emma | harmonyblaze.blogspot.co.uk

    1. Molly is getting stir crazy now and it's only been a week! I carried her round the block earlier ha!
      Springadors are completely adorable!

  2. Aww she's gorgeous. Great post can't wait to read next weeks update on Molly xx

    1. I know!!! I love her so much hehee x