50 Shades of Eden

1. Eden is my middle name 
2. My real name is Lois
3. I have a horse called Odie

4. Odie broke her leg at the start of 2014 and has since recovered 

5. When I sit back and properly asses my life, I feel blessed
6. I want to move to New Zeland or Australia
7. If I don't move abroad, I want to move and settle in York
8. I have little confidence - I cover this well I think
9. I could happily put Nandos, piri piri salt on everything!
10. I once got hit with a shopping basket when I worked on the tills at M&S as someone was trying to steal something and I got in the way
11. I say really blonde things yet I am actually quite intelligent
12. I love to make people smile
13. I like to send my family and friends random cards and presents just cause I can
14. I miss having a pen pal
15. I want to have a naked photo shoot one day with mermaid like hair to cover my boobs
16. I am obsessed with saving money. I challange myself each month to save as much as I can
17. Even though I hate sand
18. I am scared of been in the dark alone
19. I worry about been arrested and put in prison
20. So I try never to do anything wrong where I could be put into this situation
21. I drink an unhealthy amount of diet coke
22. I really want to be on a television programme
23. I want to be a hair model for a day
24. This year I want to write and begin a bucket list
25. Chinese food is my favourite
26. I make the best salted chilli chicken
27. And Yorkshire puddings
28. I ofter prefer animals to people
29. I tend to say the wrong thing a lot
30. This has got me into plenty of sticky situations in the past
31. I love it when I aren't wearing eye make up so I can rub my eyes all day long
32. I am obsessed with teeth
33. I always want mine to be straighter and whiter
34. I love fake tan ...
35. ... but I am to lazy to apply it every day so I am rocking the 'calico' shade currently
36. I have never been calico in my life
37. Before I die I want to live one day as a musical
38. I am obsessed with musicals
39. I 'try to' sing all the time
40. I have made myself cry before with one of my made up songs
41. I love note books and diaries
42. I make lists and plan everything
43. I always wanted a big brother
44. I am obsessed with ordering things from China, Japan and the Philippines from eBay
45. I love BBQ's in any weather
46. I love rain
47. I hate wind
48. I would love to dye my hair brown but I never will
49. I like reassurance
50. This post was loads of fun to write

Tell me one fun fact about you
Eden x


  1. Love this type of post, and some lovely facts to fill your list! One about me is when I smell a Cinnabon roll I go on a rampage until I get one! Rather like the Hulk, I fear! πŸ˜‚x

    1. Heehee - they are so tasty though and smell too good! x

  2. i love reading facts post, i think they're great to get to know better the person behind the blog. I hope odie feels better now.
    The Color Palette

    1. heehee me too! Thought I would jump on the band wagon and write my own!
      She is thank you - she's as fabulous as ever! x x

  3. Living a day as a musical would be EPIC! Could I be in your musical? I can't sing but I make up for it in enthusiasm (same for dancing actually - minor points!!) xx

    1. I know wouldn't it! Of course you could - its all about the jazz hands and big smiles :D x

  4. I love this. Such a cute and simple post! 😊😊

    Amanda || amandabootes.blogspot.co.uk

    1. It was so much fun to write too!

  5. I love this post... Can I join in on the musical?! I'd literally live everyday as one if I could x

    1. Of course!!!! heehee It is like my all time life long dream