April Featured Blogger - Jemma Dorkface

 photo 240_zps07fc1e03.pngI would like you all to meet the lovely Jemma from www.dorkface.co.uk  

I asked her to tell me 20 facts about herself and here's what she had to say: 

1. I have 10 tattoos.
2. I'm scared of spiders and heights.
3. I met my boyfriend through Tumblr.
4. I've got a scar where I used to have my eyebrow pierced.
5. I can't look at people's wrists, or my own. They freak me out seeing all the veins.
6. I love green gummy bears best.
7. In my spare time I like to paint and make collages.
8. I'm size 6 feet.. but I wear 7's because I like the space.
9. If I could have any animal as a pet I would have a horse.
10. I eat pizza at least once a week.
11. I'm too scared to go on big roller coasters.
12. I think my name is boring.
13. I would like to visit seattle and Japan.
14. I have 3 older brothers.
15. I've had my hair green, pink, purple,  red, blue, orange, brown and black.
16. I'm obsessed with everything Kawaii.
17. I'm an Aries.
18. I work in social media/online PR.
19. My favourite bands are Placebo and Blink 182.
20. My favourite celebrity is probably Kristen Stewart.

Go check out her blog now: www.dorkface.co.uk 
... and say hi to her through Twitter: @Dorkfaceblog

Eden x 

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  1. Aww thank you very much for allowing me to be featured :) ! xx