My Stress Free Travel Trips for Staying in the UK

As some of you may be aware if you follow me on Facebook or Twitter, I spend quite a bit of time travelling around the UK for both business and pleasure.

Here are my top tips for hassle free travelling:

No 1. Get Organised and Get List Happy - If I could only offer one bit of advice this would be it.
Write down all the information that you may need whilst your away - remember you may not have signal in your time of need, so ensure to get down your hotel details, any travel arrangements, attraction details etc. Then, on a separate list write down all the things you will need whilst your away; don't do this the night before just in case you need to buy some travel essentials. I try and write this list on a day to day basis of what I plan to need - I find that this way works ideal for me.

No 2.  Plan - This is what I love to do best before I go anywhere new.
I spend some time on the internet researching things I may want to see or do whilst I am away. I love to find yummy restaurants that are off main streets, those that you might never discover when wondering around an odd place in a starving state.
I search for quirky shops, café's, museums, land marks; anything that I feel would be sad to miss on my visit. I ensure to jot all the information down of the places I wish to visit - I don't always make it to all the places on my lists but I do try.

No 3. Pack Smart
This is one tip that I need to listen to myself.
The weather we have in Britain is so unpredictable, it makes packing for a break so difficult. I try to take thin layers when I go away, I feel that this way I can layer up if it gets chillier without carrying a mound of heavy clothes with me. Try and get clever with your outfit choices so you have options for wind, rain, sun or even snow.

No 4. Baggage Selection
One thing that I wish someone told me when I started to travel allot is chose your baggage choice carefully! Work out how far you will have to walk with your suit case and bags before you get to  your destination. If it is far, can you take a suit case with wheels? Or can you maybe down size your bag?
The amount of times I have struggled up and down streets carrying a hold all, a laptop bag and hand bag is one way too many! I still haven't found myself the perfect suitcase but this is another post!

No 5. Enjoy
Remember to have a good time! Your away somewhere new and exciting, be it for business or pleasure I try and get the most out of everywhere I visit - even if it's just trying a new restaurant to having a walk around the local attractions and land marks - get out there and do some discovering.

Remember - keep all your travel information and documentation in a plastic wallet or book to keep it all together and safe, this way when you are in need of tickets or booking confirmation it is all to hand.
Ensure that if you are travelling with large amounts of cash don't store it all in the same place in case of a theft - I split mine up in many different places throughout my bags and on myself.
Keep your personal items, such as your passports and booking confirmation, in a hotel safe or on your self - personally I carry them on me at all times as I aren't too trusting, this is my preference though.

Britain is such a beautiful country and there is so much to discover. 
Get out there and enjoy. 
Where are you planning on visiting in the UK this summer?
Eden x


  1. This is such a good idea for a post and not one I see very often, so well done! I will definitely be using a lot of these tips on my next holiday to Norfolk.
    Just to say, you should definitely go to the Norfolk coast it's gorgeous.

    1. OOH! It might be a place I need to look into! I do love to adventure! xx