Moving into a New Home: Top Tips

Seen as I have just bought and moved into my very own home, which is crazily exciting! I thought I would share with you the top tips that I have either been told by family or friends or come up with all by my little self!

I am aware I just said that this exsperience is crazily exciting and I would be lying if I went back on this comment! But trust me! When it comes to the point of you buying your own home you will feel every single emotion going! Excitment, terror, regret and the list goes on - or at least it did for me!


If you have ever read any of my 'Eden Trying to Help' blog posts before this one always seems to creep in but what can I say! I am a sucker for lists! They really help me organise my mind and when it came to buying a house it was no different! You speak to loads of different people that give you little jobs to do! It maybe passing money across for this and that, signing up to something and the list literally never ends! I made lots of different lists  over the past few months but the main ones were:
- What I needed to buy.
- Who I needed to contact to let them know I had moved.
- Who I needed to pay, how much and when.

Mentioning these goes hand in hand with my next tip STAY ORGANISED 

Throughout the house buying process you will recieve so many bits of paper work! From the bank, solicitors etc Keeping all  these bits of paper together in one folder will really help you out when you come to move in. I have all my bits of paper work together now with my bills, council tax and the rest of the people that keep asking to take my money!


This is something I wish I did more of but if you are even just thinking about buying a house SAVE SAVE SAVE! I heard this of so many people before buying my house but you really don't realise how much things cost and how many people seem to want to take money from you!


This is something that will help you get excited for your house when things get to the daunting stage but by planning each room I was able to get so excited about how my new little house was going to become my home! I got pinterest and instagram obsessed, created mood boards and really getting my designing head on!

I hope these little tips help you stay excited and organised through purchasing your first home. Even though it is so scary it is so exciting and the best thing EVER when you finally reach that final hurdle

What are your top house buying tips?

Love Eden


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  1. Nice tips! I like the info provided by you. We are moving to our new home and these tips are very helpful for us. Thanks for sharing the great article.