Scandinavian Interior Design

Scandinavian interior design seem to be the big thing at the moment across the home interior world! I am no different with my opinion for this trend, I love it! 

A Scandinavian design inspired home is one of simplicity, beauty, warmth and what in my mind is elegance. Ensuring rooms are a light as possible by using mirrors, honest materials, minimal ornamentation and lighter tones. I believe that this style is so easily achievable by re-using what may already be your house hold. 

Below are some little cheeky bargains that I have come across that will really help you give your home that Scandinavian interior design look. 

1 . B&M - £7.99
2. .  Primark - £15.00
3 . Ikea - £160
4 . Primark - £4
5 . George at Adsa - £7.00
6 . Ikea - £70
7 . I Want One of Those - £12.99 

What interior design trends are you loving right now?

Eden x 


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