Valentines Day

Love it or hate it, valentines day comes round once a year! This weekend my social media has been flooded with opinions from every end of the scale from haters that despise valentines day, for one reason or another, to those people that have shared their full day; from presents to meals to cosy couple photos. If you use social media I am sure you know just what I am on about. 

I feel like even though I agree with fact that valentines day is commercialised and that there are 364 other days to show the one you love how much they mean to you, I can't help but like valentines day and the whole idea of it! I feel that in the day to day madness that is generally just everyday life, you do sometimes forget to tell the one you love that you do in fact care them an awful lot and lets face it, we all love to feel special by that one person that we have chose to be our one.

On the other side of this I do have to sit back and sometimes giggle to myself when you hear people moan that they may of only received a card or a simple box of chocolates - I guess that these people are just never happy or simply hard to please. I feel that the thought behind a card is worth so much more than buying a necklace or a new hand bag but then I guess I feel the same on my birthday and Christmas; yes, I am one of those that keeps cards for the reason of just because.

What are your thoughts of valentines day?
Do you Love it or Hate it? 

Eden x 

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