Hypnobirthing - My Journey So Far.

As I head towards the end of my pregnancy I thought I would share with you my Hypnobirthing journey, well the journey I have had so far.

Hypnobirthing is something which I decided fairly early on within my pregnancy to follow and practice. The main reason behind this decision was that I feel that if I can learn how to stay calm, focused and centred without allowing panic, tension and anxiety to creep in, not only will it benefit my labour but everything I do within my day to day life. 
Learning to stay calm has never come naturally to me. I find it very easy to worry about anything and everything, some of the things are never worth the worry in the first place. So, to learn how to relax and not let worry creep in would be a miracle for me.

Now, I know  that many people believe that within labour they want to receive all the drugs available to them and that's fine, but this was just never what I wanted. I aren't naive and I do know that labour can throw up many surprises and medical help may be needed when the time comes, but I feel that if I put the tools in place to help my body relax, this can only be a positive. Hypnobirthing doesn't state that you HAVE to do everything naturally and that you can't have medical intervention. It simply gives you the tools to learn to trust your body and to learn how to assist your body through something that, at the end of the day, we are designed to do. 

I have chosen to do a 6 week course within hypnobirthing, which is giving me the tools to assist both myself and my birthing partner through labour. I am currently 2 weeks into that course and so far I think it is fair to say I am learning a lot! Already I feel calmer and more relaxed not just about my pregnancy and labour but in my day to day life. The tools that I am learning are enabling me to teach myself to find a whole new level of relaxation, which is something I have been trying to do for years!

The course follows the methods of Marie Mongan which in truth, is the only method I have looked at, but for me it seems to be doing everything that I wanted from it.

The course also offers my partner the tools so he knows the best ways in which he can help me through labour. Not only with the relaxation but ensuring I am in the best positions to both speed up and make labour that little bit easier. Also, helping him realise the times which may be challenging for me and what he can do to really be a helping hand and assist me through. It is ensuring that we both have our jobs to do and we can really work as a team to ensure we bring our baby into the world in the best way possible, which I love the idea of! I don't want him to feel within labour that he doesn't have an important role, as to me he will be the key person by my side.

I can't wait to see what the next 4 weeks of my course and 8 weeks of my pregnancy hold as I get ever closer to meeting my daughter! To say I am excited is an understatement. 

What was your most positive memory from your labour?  

Much Love 

Eden x 

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