Labour Fears

Since announcing the amazing news that I'm pregnant, after all the congratulations flooded in soon followed the 'horror child birth stories', if you're pregnant or have already had children I am sure you will know what I am on about and if not,I am sure you have witnessed the swapping of these stories at one point or another. You surely know the ones, about how much child birth hurts and how much pain relief I will "want" and "need"and even having a little joke or laugh when I  mention that I want my labour to be as natural as possible. Luckily for me I am one of those people that if I am told that something isn't possible, or that I won't be able to do it, my first thought is always - Do you know what, watch me! I will do it and do it good too! That been said, is it any wonder that so many people go into labour petrified of the experience that stands a head of them! Have you ever tried to use any of your muscles whilst been super tense? They simple don't work and if forced, well it hurts! It is bound to! I find it so sad that these women are allowed to go into labour with such negativity and fear setting in, all because someone decided to share a story, a story that possibly wasn't all that true, a story which properly was exaggerated, if even a little.

Call me naive or stupid but I believe that I have the best mind set pre-labour that I could have, and for that I feel lucky! I won't go into labour tense or scared but I will be relaxed and have the tools in place to ensure I can trust my body to do what it was created to do. I am also lucky that I have found the hypnobirthing community that understand that positive stories are always good to share and the negative ones don't need not saying, but worded correctly with the intention of not scaring someone else, as everyone's birthing story is so different!

I feel that both mothers and birthing partners really need to come together to keep the positive vibes going! It seems that the world is always to quick to judge, be it with the birth of a child, or the choices made after that point. We should support one another and instead of saying, wow that really won't happen, we need to say, wow that's an amazing idea, tell me more!

Much Love
Eden x  

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