Welcome to the Unknown . . .

As you can surely imagine or have witnessed for yourselves, buying a pram is tricky business! Especially for the likes of a first time mum that is so indecisive!

One evening we decided to pop into the Teesside Park Mamas and Papas store in the hope for a little look around and to try and gauge some sort of idea as to what we wanted from our first ever pram and obviously in the hope we may come away with one!

We went to the store 10 minutes before closing time. obviously this wasn't known to us at the time, but instead of been hurried out of the door so the sales assistants could get home for the day we were asked back to attend a FREE personal shopper appointment - which at the time seemed like a massive god send! 
We made our appointment and went back the following week.

We were welcomed warmly with drinks and biscuits! - really there is no better way to start of any meeting, is there? 

We were asked a ton of questions about what we were wanting from the appointment and what areas we were really struggling with. Obviously for us this was a pram! We were quizzed on our lifestyle, what we were wanting to spend, the type of car we had (obviously so we could fit the pram into the boot - not the first thought for a first time mum) and a few other little but key questions. 

We were given full demos of the prams that would suit us along with time for each of us to have a play too! All of our stupid questions were answered, not only those about prams but questions we had about anything and everything which popped into our heads! not one of them were met with a giggle that they properly deserved. 

Any first time mums out there I cannot recommend this enough! Be it if your shopping for nursery furniture, a pram, a car seat or just want to know what you should and shouldn't be maybe looking at buying for your new born. 

Not only did we come away happy and confident with what we were now looking for in a pram but we also came away with a little free gift too which was a lovely touch.

What really helped you when you were expecting your first baby? 

Much Love 

Eden x

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