Blogmas day 11 - ho ho ho Christmas Card Santa Here

As December flashes before my eyes I still don't seem to be getting any closer to writing my Christmas cards (even though writing this post is likely to give me a much needed kick up the butt). I bought them so long ago, so long ago in fact I have no idea where they were from, how much they were or even which cards I picked out! Every year I have this great idea of a Christmas card list - a Christmas card list that I would add to throughout the year, where I would keep track of peoples addresses and even pets (to obviously give our cards that more personal touch) but I get to this point in the year, each year, and I am no further forward, my cards are sat in the same box which they were purchased in with no inkling of a name or an address or a little festive holly drawn on the side for good measure. For someone who loves sending and receiving any sort of letters or cards I really suck when it comes to the whole concept of sending out Christmas cards! 

How do you make sure you stay on top of your Christmas card list? 

Much Love

Eden x 

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