Blogmas Day 12 - Fudgey Throw Back

This was a post which I wrote last year but I recently dug back through my posts to find it so I could make it again and seen as it was so delicious I thought it was rude not to share with you again! Enjoy! 

The holidays are a perfect excuse to stuff your face with all kinds of yummy treats!

If you follow me through Social Media you may of noticed that I am a little obsessed with all things Oreo's! I think they are so delicious! So, why would Oreo fudge be any different?

What makes this recipe even better is the fact that you only need 3 ingredients! You need Oreo cookies, sweetened condensed milk, and a high quality vanilla/white chocolate (I used Sainsbury's Belgian Cooking Chocolate) AND it is super easy  to make! 

This recipe really is a no brainer.  Melt the white chocolate with the sweetened condensed milk, add bits of Oreo cookies, pop it into your chosen container and spread it so its nice and even, and let it sit until firm.  That’s it! Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy!

I have made these this year to add to peoples gifts! I used Masonry Jars, cup cake cases and anything else I could find to make these into a really nice, heart felt gift - I think all together the ingredients cost me less than £6 especially with some of the fab offers that are out there right now! 

I forgot to count how much I managed to make but I did fill 6 small missionary jars full! 
  • 1 (14 oz) can sweetened condensed milk
  • 1 (12 oz) bag high quality white chocolate chips 
  • 3 cups oreos, roughly chopped (approximately 20 Oreo's)
  1. Prepare your chosen pan/mould with baking grease proof paper that comes up the sides of the pan (this will make it easier to pull out the whole slab of fudge once it sets.)
  2. Melt the white chocolate with the sweetened condensed milk in a saucepan over medium-low heat (you could use a microwave but you run the greater risk of causing it to burn!)
  3. Stir in some crushed Oreo cookies, saving a few pieces to press in the top. (I used 16 in the fudge and saved 4 to sprinkle on top)
  4. Pour mixture into prepared pan/mould and spread the mixture evenly. Press extra crushed Oreo cookies on top. Refrigerate or let rest at room temperature until set (I left mine over night but 3-4 hours should do)
  5. Pull the fudge slab out of the pan using the edges of the paper. Using a warm, dry knife, cut your chosen size of squares or what ever shape you wish!

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