Blogmas Day 16 - Get it Wrapped Up

Wrapping gifts has always been something that I have gotten excited about and enjoyed! I am one of those highly annoying people that puts massive amounts of effort into the whole wrapping process that when you receive the gift and must open it in front of me you are unsure of how to complete the task in hand. Do you rip and throw? Do you gentle undo the tape and keep the wrapping and its decoration so you can re-create it for someone else? Or, do you make up some lame excuse to get you out of opening it in front of me so you can dodge the whole thing all together?
I never really care how you open my gifts, just that you take the time to appreciate its beauty and the time taken putting it together. Saying that a compliment never goes a miss too!
I thought this year, as part of blogmas I would share with you my wrapping inspiration that I have come across so far. This year my gifts will have a natural theme; brown paper, brown, gold and pastel ribbon, a pine cone or two – you get the idea.

What are your aims for gift wrapping this year? Well, besides completing it of course.

Much Love,

Eden x

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