Blogmas Day 17 - soapNskin

soapNskin has one of the most wonderful stories of how it came about! Two childhood friends aiming to be as youthful and gorgeous as their mothers; it could be the beginning of a fairy tale but no, just the story of how soapNskin was born!

soapNskin is all about the natural product, to eliminate the use of unnecessary chemicals been applied to skin. soapNskin are and want to remain a small, independent business of quality and love for what they're creating. To quote 'crafted and bottled by hand with love and an attention to detail'. I mean, this quote alone, for me, sums up a small business true work ethics! I just can't help but get a warm feeling inside when I read it!

There website - - is packed full of the most gorgeous and natural products! I especially love the sound of the Lavender and Lime with Calendula Oil Range.

What do you love the sound of?

Much Love 

Eden x 

Instagram - @soapnskin
Twitter - @soapnskin

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