Blogmas Day 18 - Beamish at Christmas

We recently visited Beamish Museum in County Durham for there 'Christmas at Beamish' event!

Beamish is an outdoor Museum with different little made up towns and villages which you can get between using the transport provided. You can choose from trams, buses and even horse and cart; or, like us,you can have a stroll between each attraction as the scenery that Beamish is set in is so picturesque! Each town/village has a different history from a pit village, where you can go down the mine, to a town farm, which is home to the ugliest but cutest pig ever, to a traditional town, which has such a yummy sweet shop, and much more!

We visited each of the little towns and villages which were full of really helpful staff, who were all so knowledgeable about all the history and stories of Beamish! As expected everywhere was quite busy but this was only really obvious when we were trying to find somewhere to eat! I have found with each Beamish visit that there food options always let them down so if I were you I would take your own picnic but obviously this didn't have a negative effect on the day at all! Beamish is a breastfeeding friendly destination and you will find a family room in the town, even though we didn't find this I was instructed by the staff that it is there!

We decided to book Harper a place to see Santa for the first time - and we weren't let down with the experience! I know she won't remember the moment at all but we were too excited and simply couldn't help ourselves! The queue for Santa wasn't too bad as each person receives time slots! Santa was lovely and really made the effort even though Harper was so tiny. He gave her a little gift too plus some food for the reindeer!

We got a family ticket which was for 2 Adults and 1 Child (there's different options available for family tickets) which was £42.50 which we felt was a little steep, with Harper been 2 months old we weren't expecting to have to pay for her (we have contacted Beamish in regards to this)! One of the ups to Beamish is that your ticket is valid for 12 months so we can plan another visit soon with Molly this time too, as it is a doggy friendly attraction! Even though we were there for over 4 hours we still have plenty of parts to explore and discover!

My highlights from the day were obviously visiting Santa and seeing his reindeer, watching the brass band which were in the town and learning how to make ginger cake and mince pies like back in the day so hopefully mine might now compete with my grans!

Much Love,

Eden x 

NB Beamish have replied to my email and GOSH they deal with complaints so well! 

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