Blogmas Day 2- What's in Your Advent Calender?

Every single year the festive period seems to sneak upon me, so it's no surprise that so many of us forget to treat ourselves to an advent calender! With so many amazing advent calenders on the market this year from beauty, to candles and even gin it's easy to feel left out by forgetting; but why not create your own? Your very own, homemade advent calender! Seriously, what could be better than knowing every day - from now until the big day, you will be getting something you love!

Below you will find four ideas which I found on Pinterest to inspire you on how to start your advent calender. All of these can be re-produced using items which can be found around the home.

Personally my favourite, and quite possibly the easiest to make is placing lots of little envelopes or even packages into a glass mason jar! I love how they have used fairy lights to give it a more festive feeling. If you are tight on money this festive period, as so many of us are, why not get your partner, mum, child, or even friend to write 25 little favours down all of which can be placed into the jar and picked out each day. From running baths, to cooking tea, to child minding, to you having the remote and many more! You could have loads of fun with this and it's a great excuse to make your loved ones know what they mean to you and you to  them - Christmas is a time for family and friends after all.

What's in your advent calendar this year?

Much love

Eden x x

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