Blogmas Day 20 - My Christmas

In light of yesterday’s tragic event in Berlin it got me thinking about several stories and posts I have seen this festive season on both, social media and through the press in relation to Christmas; which, for me, have really hit home that maybe we are losing the true meaning of Christmas. Now, maybe due to the increase of social media this is just more highlighted or maybe as I get older I am becoming more aware; either way it has spurred this rant which is about to occur.

This isn’t a post where I will rant and rave about the true meaning of Christmas in the biblical sense nor will I make any religious references. Yet, it is a post where I will remind myself about what Christmas means to me as an individual. This could very easily be a post where I rant and rave about all that has annoyed me this Christmas, from selfishness to greed to bullying to plain evil, but I wouldn’t expect you to sit and read through that!

Christmas for me, growing up, has always been a happy time. A time where we give gifts, spend time with loved ones, maybe eat too much food and remember those whom we have lost, not in a sense where the day will be spent in mourning, but in a way where we can laugh at silly and happy times, which we would never want to forget.

We have never gone without on Christmas and for that I am very blessed and fortunate but we have however been encouraged to give to those less fortunate than ourselves; be it through gifts, cards or just time.

So, what is the meaning of Christmas to me? It means that one day a year I can be grateful for everything which I have. That I can really reflect on my life and all that I have in it. I can be grateful for those around me, that love me and help me, grateful for health, grateful for my family and friends, grateful that I have a roof over my head which gives me such a lovely and warm home and grateful that I get to both remember and make memories each and every day in the year.

What does Christmas mean to you?

Much Love

Eden x 

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