Blogmas Day 22 - Christmas Traditions

I was in half a mind to post this on Christmas Eve when our traditions get into full festive flow but if you’re looking for inspiration for some new ideas to introduce this year posting on Christmas eve would be very much pointless, wouldn’t it?

Growing up we didn’t have any Christmas traditions, yes, we got a stocking on the end of our beds and yes, we always had Christmas dinner but I wouldn’t see these as traditions, more just what millions of families around the world do at Christmas time.

With Harper been in our lives this year we are making a conscious effort to really bring the Christmas spirit into our home. Now, I know she has no idea what is going on this year but I still feel that it’s nice for us to get into the true spirit of Christmas.

This year we have begun a few traditions that we will hope to carry through Harper's life and that she can carry on with her family when she is older too.

Firstly, we will attend church on Christmas eve. Even though we aren’t a highly religious family I do believe it is important for Children to understand the true meaning of Christmas and for us to remind ourselves also. For me, you can beat standing round singing Christmas Carols and listening to the story of Christmas. It really gives you that fuzzy festive feeling inside.

Next, something which seems to be flooding my social media this year, the Christmas eve box. I think this is such a lovely idea! I have never seen it before this year, believe it or not. If, like me, you are a little none the wiser, the Christmas eve box is a box, like the name, you bring out on Christmas eve. In the box, would be anything which you feel is necessary for a wonderful, Christmas eve night.  This year in ours we intend to put in, new festive pyjamas for us all, a festive DVD, a Christmas book to read to Harper before bed and some goodies for both us, and the pooch. Next year, when Harper is a little older it will also include, magic reindeer dust, a carrot for the reindeer to enjoy and some cookies for Santa!

Finally, Elf on the shelf will be coming to pay us a visit next year! This year it would have been a little silly to put in all that effort for Harper to not understand in the slightest but next year … watch this space!

What traditions are you introducing into your home this Christmas?

Much Love

Eden x 

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