Blogmas Day 24 - The Final Hurdle

I can’t bloody believe that I have completed Blogmas 2016! There have been a few moments where I have thought Oh My God what have I signed up for but I got there in the end. I think it is now fair to say that I am looking forward to a little blogging break over the festive season.

My Final post of Blogmas 2016 is going to be a classic round up of my year and oh, what a year 2016 has been!

2016 for me has been a whirl wind of a year but an amazing whirl wind of that!

I had a baby, yes, a real-life baby which, honestly isn’t just a highlight of my year but the highlight of my life. Using Hypnobirthing methods Harper Violet Headlam arrived on October 4th at 10:30am, I have never loved anything on this scale before! Harper has given me her first smiles and laughs along with her first baby babbles and gurgles. She kicks her legs and lifts her head and is simply a little bundle of energy. She has been swimming and, like her mummy is a complete water baby. She loves her picture been taken and is the happiest baby I have ever known. I finally succeeded at breast feeding after many tears and now, it is the best thing EVER!

Molly has been Molly, she had her claw removed after getting it stuck in a fence. She jumped over a 10ft wall and survived, she dives into any water, chasing everything that moves, gives the best cuddles and loves her new little sister more than anyone!

Odie hasn’t had the best year, she has not been in work all year due to a very bad injury. So, she has been in her stable eating her body weight in carrots! We have gotten very creative making toys for her to prevent boredom; sometimes she likes them, other times she looks at us as if we’re crazy.

Finally, me. I have bought a house and sold a house. I have realised maternity leave is up there with winning the lottery! I discovered I absolutely love the Lake District and the beauty it offers. I have had my hair cut twice after swearing I would at least get it cut every 3 months! I have discovered Coconut oil and now I can’t imagine it not been in my life! I have found a love for coke zero and have a new addiction to Aldi’s own smoky bacon crisps.

I have loved 2016 and cannot wait for 2017 to be here to see what it will hold.

What are you thankful of in 2016?

Much love and best wishes,

Eden x 


  1. Oh my goodness, congrats on having a baby! 😍 My little bundle of joy will arrive in February & I can't wait πŸ™Š

    ~ Jasmin N

    1. Oh really! Congratulations! If you have any worries or questions ... just ask! It is seriously, the best thing in the entire world! x x