Blogmas Day 4 - Gift Guide for Her

This is always one of my favourite blog posts to write! Who doesn't want to do a good bit of window shopping and pretend that it is all for you!

I always find girls so much easier  to shop for than guys! I guess we are just so much easier to please though ... heehee

Urban Decay Naked Ultimate Basics From House of Frasers - £38.50
Does this really need an explanation!

WoodWick Black Cherry Large Candle From Boots - £23.99 (3for2)
I am obsessed with wooden wick candles! The noise they make when they burn is so lovely!

Benefit Besties Gift Set  From Boots - £30 (3for2)
You get £60 worth of products within this beauty and Benefit is always an easy win! There products are one of my all time favourites! There products, there packaging and there staff are always so wonderful!
Big Dial Stainless Watch From Topshop - £80
I have never been a big watch lover, maybe it's because I have never found a watch that I feel is me but this is gorgeous! So it's so surprise it's on my gift guide!

Oversized Square Scarf in White Based Tartan From Asos - £18
This scarf is such a perfect gift for an women this winter! Its big and snuggly and would look great with so much!

What are you wanting from Santa this year?

Much Love
Eden x x


  1. I think a mate of mine would love the Benefit Gift Set and my mum would totally dig the Stainless Watch, so I may have to gift them those.

    As for myself, I would totally have to get myself the oversized scarf and the candle because I'm a huge sucker for candles and scarves.

    mchi (@mchiouji) | ❤

    1. Oh I am the same, I adore scarves so much!