Blogmas Day 6 - Its a Wreath Thing

How are we already into day 6 of Blogmas? December is going way to quickly for my liking.

Today marks the day of the Wreath making master class at a local cocktail bar, 12 Harland Place. If you're local to Teesside you may of heard of it or even been! If you are yet to drop in I would certainly recommend it! Be it for one of there themed nights or just for a good slice of cake!

I  have always wanted to make my own wreath but never had the time! So, been able to put aside a good few hours to get my craft on was perfect and better yet, I didn't have to tidy up all my mess after! I didn't know if I wanted to make a bauble wreath, a classic wreath, a fruity wreath or even a mix of all three, truth is before attending the event I have no idea what I wanted to end up with. When we arrived seeing all the different things we could use was way to exciting for a crafty lover!

We grabbed a little bit of everything and just got to it. I am in love with my finished product but as a terrible blogger, I couldn't even begin to tell you what I used as I just got too happy crafting away.

My top tips for making your own wreath are -

If you are making a natural wreath like mine, follow the way of the wreath! That way it won't look too 'roman' (this will make sense if you end up making a wreath this year) 

Be creative. Try lots of different ideas with lots of different materials and see what you think works best! You will be able to find lots of materials to use round the home and garden!

There is never a right or a wrong way to make a wreath! Make it a collection of what works best in your eyes. Think of your d├ęcor, your front door, your favourite colour; what ever you wish that might inspire you.

and ... HAVE FUN!!!

What wreaths are you liking the look of this year?
Much Love
Eden x

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