2017: Come At Me

I can hardly believe that another year is over and OH EM GEE what a year! For me, it was the best year of my entire life so far! I can't wait for 2017 to start panning out, I have some big dreams and ideas for 2017 and I can't wait to make them all happen!

In this post I want to make a few pledges, a few blog related and a few personal related; then, at the end of the year I will see how I got on in making them happen ... so here goes.

First, my little space on the internet.

1 - I want my blog to grow I want to hit a steady 10,000 page views a month!

2 - I want a 10k combined social media following.

3 - This is my most important one, I want to stay consistent! No letting life or moments get in the way. I want to blog AT LEAST two blog posts made live a week.

Next, my pretty little life.

1- I want to find us our forever family home
this may take a little longer than a year but we will get there 

2 - I want to ride properly again.
to explain, my horse, odie has a nasty injury right now so I am just riding with friends here and there but I want to be out competing and taking on the world again! This one is very dependent on how she heals, but hey ... its still a dream!

3 - I want to visit new places and explore more


5 - Finally, be body confident again!

What are your goals for 2017?

Much Love,
Eden x x

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