Newborn Must Haves

Apart from the obvious that all the sites tell you to a purchase before your bundle of joy arrives; a car seat, a moses basket, a travel system push chair, a cellular blanket, a baby monitor etc ... We have found some things to be complete life savers since the new journey of parenting has gotten underway. 

Ewan the Dream Sheep
We bought Ewan off a whim when we saw him featured on another blog and oh my days, what a life send! He has a little red light which glows into the cot and plays 4 separate noises all of which really seem to settle our little lady to sleep each night! We play her the heart beat noise each night which helps her settle down for the night. 

Muslin Cloths
I got so many of these given to me when I was pregnant and I had no idea why, but trust me, once your little one is here it soon becomes obvious! They are life savers for sure, be it if you're breast or bottle feeding! Stock up now!

Sophie the Giraffe
You never know when teething will begin so Sophie is just perfect to have ready for just in case; she makes a great present too. Now, I don’t know why she is so popular but everyone I have ever spoke to raves about Sophie! She seems the perfect shape for little hands to hold and help sooth aching gums.

A Baby Carrier
If like us, you’re an active family a baby carrier is a must! We were lucky enough to be given one so that is what we have used up to now. My key bit of advice is to try before you buy! Ours doesn’t offer me as much back support as I would like especially as Harper gets bigger. Our local library holds events where you can try loads of different carriers before you buy; so it maybe worth seeing if you have something similar near to where you are too!

Angelcare Soft Touch Bath Support
This is a perfect helping hand to have at bath time especially if, like me or my partner, you generally do bath times alone. It is anti-slip and supports my little one perfectly. This isn't me saying put your baby in the bath, walk away and they will still be there when you return - that is just silly but it does free up your hands and keeps your precious one supported safely. 

Whats your must have for your little person?

Much Love

Eden x  

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