A Man is For Life, Not Just For Valentines Day*

Valentines day has been and gone for another year! I have never been a massive fan of the old "V Day", I don't think I fully understand nor get the true concept. Yes, it's to make an effort to your loved one to feel wanted and appreciated or what ever, but with 365 days in the year surely you should try and make the one person that you have decided is special enough you be "your one" feel loved every day?

So, with this post I have decided to do something a little different and put together a wish list 'for him' full of little treats that I know he would love!

It can't only be me that genuinely struggles to find skin care and other products for my other half when I decide to purchase him a little treat! Recently I have been introduced to The Grooming Clinic who are a Men only stockists of grooming and skin care - Christmas and Birthday's just got a whole lot easier! 

Anthony Head to Toe Survival Kit - £30.00 (worth £55.00)
This is a travelling must have for any man that may want a sneaky pamper night, be it away or at home! I know my partner would love this when he is working away and beginning to get tired, it would be the perfect pick me up! 

Perfect for any hair styling lovers out there!

It surely only isn't us ladies that love an eye Serum? 

I can imagine this been amazingly refreshing! 

What would your other half really appreciate as a gift?

Much Love,

Eden x

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