Winter Home Interior Wish List*

Is it just me or does it feel like winter is never going to come to an end? The cold days, the long nights, the misty air - I can't be the only one longing for spring

I have been making such an effort this winter to make our home as cosy as I can! I want our home to offer a real warm atmosphere where you can come in and forget all about the dull British weather! 
These are just a few pieces I have come across on my search that I am loving right now and I feel offer that warm homely feeling! 

For me, this is quite an out there piece but I just love it! 

Green Cotton Print Hand Woven Rug - £42.22 to £64.97 dependent on sizing
How gorgeous is this! I never like a loud rug, I like it blend into the room and this does just that - but without blending in too much!

If you want to see more pieces like these you have to check out the Eyes Of India website! They offer FREE delivery world wide on orders over $75 too! 

Okay, so I don't even know if this counts as "home-ware interior" but please, how gorgeous is it? I feel so old and grown up saying this but just imagine sitting around the dining room table; with this in the center full of yummy, warming casserole just waiting to be eaten! That is cold winter night perfection right there! 

Strawberry Mug - £7.00
How gorgeous is this little mug by one of my (and pretty much everyone else's) all time favorites, Cath Kidston? It is just waiting to be filled with yummy hot chocolate!
Go and have a look at Kings and Queens they really do have some amazing items stocked right now for your home! They offer UK mainland FREE delivery on orders over £100! 

What items in your home are you really loving right now?

Much Love,

Eden x 


  1. I ignore winter and think of spring. I decorated the bedroom in yellow and green like daffodils, banishes the winters blue. Found some great coloured glass to accessories at Kings and Queens by Dartington. Check out the Elgin Bottles - I'm in Love!!

    1. Oh my I love daffodils so much!

      I am heading there now to check these out! Thank you so much x x