Been Bed Bound - How Am I Surviving?

If you follow me on social media you may be aware of my recent accident that has unfortunately resulted in me been bed bound for around 4 -8 weeks! For you that know me, you will understand how much of a big deal this is!

I am that girl that can’t have a lazy day, that always must be on the move. I can’t even successfully watch a movie without doing something alongside it! I can recall a few times where I have stayed in bed all day, all of which I was very ill and slept the day away! So, as you can imagine the last few weeks have been my idea of absolute hell to say the least; added to that the fact I can no longer look after my daughter; let’s just say that times could be a little better right now for me.

I have put together my tips on surviving been bed bound, for the mentally active and easily bored.
Before I start I would like to say that this post isn’t me moaning in the slightest! I know that my accident could have been worse and that I am lucky! I am also grateful that I have fantastic people around me!

Get A Routine!

For me this was a big one; by structuring my day I could focus on something for a certain amount of time and it added some sort of normality into my situation. I didn’t focus on the time taken to do things too much as I don’t think clock watching would be advised. Remember to include the smaller things into this such as, getting a wash, brushing your teeth etc.

Find Something You Enjoy

This for me was quite easy. I have always liked to paint, hell I studied it through college and uni; since my life hit fully fledged adult mode I really struggle with having the time to switch off and just paint! I used this as the perfect opening to get back into it.
If you can’t think of anything why not start a new hobby, it’s the perfection time to learn something new! You could learn to speak a language, learn to draw, cross stitch, knit, write poems – absolutely anything your heart desires and YouTube is full of fantastic tutorials to help you out!

Invite Visitors Over

Even though I hated the idea of people coming round to just sit and look at me, I did try to invite plenty of people over.
Invite round those people round that you know will make you feel better, that won’t make you feel like you are something to stare at or pity. You both need and want those people that will tell you all the things you are longing to hear. The types of people that will take some strain off the person caring for you, that will paint your nails or do your hair, the type of person that generally just wants to help you feel better!  

Make Plans

I have tried make plans for when I am mobile again but at the current time I am slightly struggling since I don’t know my recovery time as it stands. With this in mind, it doesn’t mean that I can’t start to put somethings in place to look forward to. For me the big one is better back in the saddle, yes I may be a little crazy to the outside world but horses are generally in my blood.

What top tips can you think of?

Much Love,

Eden x


  1. Nice tips. I've been bedridden for nearly 6 years. I Skype daily, blog and Netflix a lot! Sadly, I'm limited to what I can do, so it's hard to keep from going nuts sometimes. lol

    1. I honestly don't know how you do it and stay positive! It's mentally draining and I have only been here for about 5 weeks!
      What's your blog link? I bet that helps you a great deal x