Mothers Day - A Cheapo Gift Guide

As a family we have never really been encouraged to celebrate mothers day. A home made card and a little gift maybe, but never a massive bouquet of flowers  or jewellery! I always feel like mother and fathers day isn’t all that dissimilar to valentines day; Why do we need a special day laid out to be able to tell our mums, our special lovable mums, that they are doing an amazing job? Can’t we just do that anyway!

This mothers day isn’t going to be that different for us, no breakfast in bed, no lunch in a nice local restaurant, no massive gift giving! Of course I will get my mum a card and a little something from Harper as a keepsake! - I aren't that insensitive.

Here’s my mothers day gift guide where you don’t need to break the bank and where your mum will really feel like an effort has been made.

A Sweet Treat
Bake a special mummy cake! A cake with all your mums favourite treats. If you aren’t that talented in the baking department why not take a short cute and buy an instant cake mix! I promise I won't tell 

Make a card.
Yes make it! Remember when you used to spend a whole day dedicated to card making in primary school? Well get your glue and glitter out and get your craft out! Trust me … she’ll love it!

DVD and Take Away Night
This is one that my mum would love! With the day to day madness that is my life to offer my mum one whole night, no phones, no distractions, but just us enjoying each others company with our favourite take away and a trashy movie – this would really make her day. Throw in some wine and sweet treats then it would be touching on a perfect mummy and daughter night.

If like so many families you live in separate parts of the country or even world, why not plan a trip! A trip where you can meet up with your mum and spend some quality time together! A camping trip in summer, a spa weekend, a day of walking around our gorgeous country side, a general visit or even just a Saturday shopping trip! Now, I know I said I don’t like to spend a lot on mothers day but with that in mind if it’s going to make my mum happy as a treat I really don’t mind.

If you aren’t wanting to spend lots of pennies this mothers day you really don’t need too. Trust me, your mum would be happy with just some old fashioned quality time! You could have some fun with it and make some little vouchers for her to cash in!

How do you celebrate mothers day?

Much Love,

Eden x


  1. It's the total opposite in our family - Mother's Day is a HUGE deal (even though I don't think it should be. It's exactly like Valentine's Day, like you said!) We do a big Sunday dinner and, as usual, I do the desserts which I count as a contribution to the whole day, but I've also bought my mum a few little gifts and some flowers. I do wish it was a little toned down though, because it would be so lovely not to have to stress over gifts and just chill a little. A DVD night sounds ideal!

    Olivia - The Northernist x

    1. Oh but sunday dinner is always a winner! I do wish that we did that ... only because I love a good feed!
      x x