Breast Feeding - What Worked For Me?

Breastfeeding for me wasn’t all that easy! I found some days better than others, especially to begin with; but as time passed I can honestly say I really did feel I got the hang of it. The pain, pressure and all negativity within my own mind disappeared. Obviously, I can’t promise that if you follow this post you will have great breast feeding success but I can say these are some tips that helped me on my way through my Breastfeeding journey.


This is the biggest one for me! You really need to find someone, be it someone you know already, a partner, someone who you meet on a mummy forum or Facebook, a family member: Someone you feel like you can really rely on to support you through this journey. I was lucky enough to have the support I needed through my partner and a few close friends. If you feel that this isn’t there for you, don’t worry! I have seen on many of the Facebook breastfeeding support groups other mums giving amazing advice – these are also irreplaceable for those 3 am feeds where your baby decides its play time rather than sleep time. So, if you are struggling to find that support system, you really don’t need to look too far, Facebook, online forums, mummy groups, breast feeding groups, anywhere in which you can surround yourself with mummies that maybe going through or have been through the same thing!

Lansinoh Lanolin

This, for me, was the best nipple cream. You will see so many on the shelves so if this doesn’t work for you, don’t be disheartened, as they’re plenty to Try. The main reason I loved this product so much is you don’t need to wash it off before feeds and as a new mum it was once less thing to remember …  or well …. forget!
This product is a little pricey at around £10 so it is worth catching it on offer and stocking up. 
Breast pads

STOCK UP I didn’t use one brand in particular; but I did buy them from most super markets such as Tesco and Asda. I didn’t find one product greater than another, but they did their job! I produced so much milk I had to change these after each feed and throughout the day. Sometimes, more in the early days, I would have to fold a muslin cloth and put it into my bra to prevent me soaking everything! I have heard other mums in the early days using bibs, nappies, sanitary towels … the list is endless!

Maternity bras

These are a must must must! You can just unclip and feed anywhere! Make sure you get some that will fit as your boobs grow! If you ask in your usual bra shops, such as M&S, they should be able to offer you some advice on fitting.

Get Comfy

In the earlier days, especially when you and baby are both trying to get the hang of feed times, you can be sat for a while so been comfy is a must! Make sure you have been for a wee (if you need it obviously) have a glass of water handy and even little snacks if you feel peckish.


You will find that as you feed you will get thirsty, I don’t believe this only happened to me! So make sure as you are feeding your baby you are also upping your water intake! I found that before I realised this I was getting headaches and felt generally lousy.

Food Watch

After talking to many mums this doesn’t occur in each baby; but harper was so sensitive to what I ate. In the early days I started to notice that she would get really bad gas and generally a poorly bottom. After googling and looking through some forums I found that it was me that was causing these issues for her (I felt so bloody guilty!!!!) from then I started to keep a food diary to help me understand what food would affect her in what way. In the end I found that cabbage, sprouts and broccoli would give her terrible wind. Chilli and Garlic if eaten in excess would make her bum very sore when she went to the toilet or passed wind. Finally, caffeine would make her wide awake!

You will realise as you read through this post that a lot of my advice points to the earlier days on my breast-feeding journey. I completely feel that this is when breastfeeding is so tricky, especially if you are a first-time mum as no training is, or can be, offered with the real thing in front of you! Remember, a baby fed is a happy baby, so if you’re been hard on yourself, STOP and just look at the perfect bundle in front of you that you have created and are doing an amazing job with!

Do you have any top tips to pass on?

Much Love

Eden x 

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